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  1. I am looking very forward to seeing the fountains in person, especially with the new fountain show! I always felt the pedestals were a little dated looking, and they didn't make it feel grand. I'm sure Kings Island is hoping to transform the fountain into something you'd see at Walt Disney World. Maybe I'm wrong!
  2. I just saw on Instagram. Kentucky Kingdom just posted "Something is in the wind..." as an announcement for something new coming to their park. I just thought that was an interesting coincidence.
  3. Eh, I think planning a fake funeral would be kind of morbid if it was a person. I mean, possibly? And what about the air is still and it being big?
  4. Here's my thoughts-- It's one of our own... -- I don't think it's a ride you can find at other Cedar Fair parks like WindSeeker or Stunt Coaster. And I don't know about you, but Firehawk has never felt like a "Kings Island" coaster, if you know what I mean. It's always felt foreign to the park. It's big-- I think it's something that's gonna upset some people. I've heard theories of Invertigo, the old Tomb Raider building, and Firehawk. While these interesting speculations, I think a large chunk of Kings Island attendance would not miss any of these rumors. And then the air being still...well, everyone else has explained that. My theory is Vortex. I'm sticking with it.
  5. I've got a sneaking suspicion that it's the cars, and I'm with @Waltny. I've never been a speedway fan in any theme park. Love the thought of maybe a new flat ride, or a ride for families or chickens like me-- but I've always thought the little cars were boring. Of course, I'd love to see the RMC Son of Beast-- but I would honestly be happy with Racer getting some love. The backwards Racer returning would be AMAZING.
  6. You know I thought it was odd that the park didn't make any announcements over the speakers regarding the Globetrotters. They didn't even make the announcement to remind people to only smoke in designated areas!
  7. My sister and I ventured off to Kings Island for the first time together in 12-14 years this past Saturday. Weather was pretty gray and cool, which is nice weather for a theme-park I think! This is the first time this has ever happened to me at the gate-- but I had purchased our tickets for her birthday on December 27th from my local Kroger. I've done this before with no issues, and this time we were denied entry to the park because my tickets were from last season. The lady kindly explained that the tickets were purchased last year, and I would have to buy new ones at the gate if I wanted to go have the best day ever. Well, luckily we had the spare money to do that this time-- but I was pretty disappointed. I think the tickets should have been taken down from Kroger once the park was technically closed for the year. Winterfest wasn't included on the normal single day pass to the parks! So buyers beware-- don't buy a ticket off season at Kroger in hopes of using it once the new season begins! On a positive note, we tried VIP parking for the first time on this trip and I honestly don't think I can go back. That was so worth the extra 10 dollars. Anyways, we made it into the park and I always make a beeline through Planet Snoopy. I had told my sister I always had to ride Boo Blasters just to see if any work was done on the ride since last season and truthfully I was pretty impressed with this run! First, are there new blue lights in the queue line (around the boarded up Phantom Theater busts) or did I just dream it? Some of the targets weren't working-- but during our ride, all of the effects and animatronics were working! I swear I thought I heard some new sound effects too that I didn't remember from before! Honestly, the ride looked the best it has in years! Doesn't mean it doesn't need an overhaul, but overall it was nice! We also took a quick ride on Surf Dog just because I am a big chicken and needed to get warmed up. We were pretty surprised and disappointed to see that MANY rides were down for hours at a time in the park. We were able to squeeze in a ride on almost everything we wanted, but we had to backtrack some throughout the day to do it. Mystic Timbers is just as good this season as it was last! I also think there was some new effects in the shed (red eyeballs and more sound effects?) but maybe I was in such a daze last season that I didn't remember it. Adventure Express was HORRIBLE this trip. It was the roughest ride that day, even compared to The Beast! The Beast was phenomenal as always, and we got a great view of people getting evacuated from the very top of the lift hill on Vortex. Vortex is sounding rougher every year, and it didn't have a long wait at all on Saturday. My sister (who is a huge fan of Vortex and has ridden it religiously over the years) even commented at how bad it was squeaking and roaring. I think the most proud part of my day was me manning up and riding Delirium for the first time. OMG! What a great ride! I'm sure I've talked about it on here some, but I have horrible anxiety disorder and have not ridden several rides in the park because I am so afraid that I will feel afraid on the ride! Over the past few years, I have tried to ride one new ride a season so it's not sensory overload and so far it's been working very well! Delirium was this year's pick, because I figured I love the Pirate's Ship and Surf Dog-- and Delirium is kind of the grown up version of those rides! If anyone who is kind of nervous and hasn't ridden yet reads this-- take it from me-- the seats are completely secure feeling! I got some airtime at the highest point of the ride, but overall I did not shift much in my seat! I had to keep my eyes closed for a portion of it, and if I was recommending the ride to someone (which I am)-- I would say to either keep your eyes closed until you've slowed down or keep them open! I made the mistake of opening my eyes once and I happened to be at the highest point of the ride. I got a little spooked and disoriented and immediately closed my eyes again! If you're riding it for the first time, I also didn't feel any effects from the ride spinning-- so don't be intimidated by that! Anyways, overall it was a wonderful day in the parks despite a few hiccups! I was afraid of crowds with the Harlem Globetrotters being in the park, but that really didn't affect the lines too much. There was also the choir/band day at the park for many middle school and high school age children, and I was impressed with their behavior! I never witnessed any line skipping! I only had one experience where I had to speak up to some young teenage boys for making very loud and obscene jokes behind us in line for The Bat. They were just plain annoying at first, but when they began to make racial comments about African Americans, I had to get a little snotty. They had some classmates directly in front of me in line too that kept turning around to laugh at their obnoxious friends-- and I very sternly suggested that we switched places in line so they could ride with their friends. Suddenly nobody wanted to joke and play in line anymore and I was able to get on the ride without losing my mind! Haha! (Apparently 24 is the age where you become impatient with teenagers!)
  8. Cool beans! I will be avoiding that area in an attempt to avoid crowds!
  9. I will be there Saturday and am so happy to hear how much smoother the ride will be! Can't wait!
  10. ... I was hoping you'd say that the nice weather would keep everyone away.
  11. I will be here Saturday. Not for the Globetrotters, though. Should I expect horrific crowds?
  12. True. I just think it's bad theming. Me being very nitpicky!
  13. I'd like to ride Delirium. I've never ridden it before My always goal is Flight of Fear. I had a little bit of a traumatizing experience once in a queue line and I have still never had the guts to ride it. I've never ridden The Beast at night.
  14. I'd love to see some queue lines get some TLC. -I feel like BLSC's queue always feels so hot and sunny, even when you're there in the beginning of the season. Maybe if it was covered by something a little better that offers more shade. It could be easily themed to a city. -Beast's queue line is pitiful compared to Mystic Timbers. The signs are falling apart and so much of the wood looks dry rotten. Beef that line up! It could be so cool!
  15. I have a few nitpicks and they're all very similar in style... -The Beast's queue line has been in such disarray for a few years now, and with Mystic Timbers opening next door-- I think it's become underwhelming. Last year, I saw some of the signs falling down in the queue for The Beast, I could spy Haunt junk in the little storage room on the bottom half of the queue, and it just feels kind of dark and dry rotted. Why can't this get some sort of spruce up? I mean, this is the world's longest wooden roller coaster and it's held onto that record for decades! Park guests should feel that they're about to board a legendary coaster and get hyped for that in the line, but you just don't. -I have a love hate relationship with the leftover Top Gun theming in The Bat queue line. The stars and American flag are so stinkin' obvious. Just paint over them. Make them spooky. I don't know. I can't even call them an Easter egg because truthfully they just look lazy. -The brake runs on Racer are disgusting. The walls are covered in dirty hand prints and some occasional vomit stains. Again, Racer is pretty historic to Kings Island and coaster history. Take care of it.
  16. I don't care if nothing is added but I want to see the theming of the current attractions to be fixed. I feel like there's a lot of lazy fixes but nothing really to make guests fall in love with the attractions again. Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
  17. I've had two trains both times I've been this season. Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
  18. BLSC and The Bat are more appropriate for families than Vortex. I'd hope The Bat went first though for that stupid queue line length! Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
  19. Thats probably it but I just thought it was interesting. I always have theories about Congo Falls! Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
  20. Anyone else noticed that the main Kings Island pages are posting a looooot about Congo Falls on social media? Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
  21. Actually @Shaggy posted a great picture of the watermill today on Sit On It's facebook page! It was gorgeous and SERIOUSLY would be amazing. I don't ever expect to see it return though.
  22. This is a great post with a few that I hadn't heard of before! Thanks!
  23. Some of the wood in the old mining fountain thing is just falling apart, the warning signs fell when I was in line the last time (which was at the beginning of the season). This is a legendary roller coaster and the queue line needs to show it. You should know that you're about to experience something special. If I was the queen of everything, here's what I would change: -Either remove the little storage room in the corner of the canopied area of the queue or utilize it better. Like it's fine if it's there but take out the random Halloween prop that looks like it got tossed in there by itself. Maybe hang some of the warning signs of The Beast in this area. Make claw marks on the wall. A random body from Haunt was visible when I was there in May and I just have a huge pet peeve that I can see crap for their Haunt event all throughout the park. Like there's literally a maze or whatever directly next to The Beast queue line, just throw that sucker in there. -Replace the wood in the old water fixture. I don't ever expect it to run again, and don't want to see that piece go because I think that's just a part of the ride experience, but letting it fall into shambles just looks bad and isn't preserving the fixture at all. -What's the theme of the coaster? Is it an abandoned mine? Like I liked that MT had the backpacks and walkie talkies in the queue line to help tell the story. What could be done in the queue line to show more that it's a mine? Really I see a lot of random barrels leftover from Phantom Theater and maybe some wood crates or a pallet, but a TNT barrel doesn't really make me think of a mine. There's also like a weird mine cart thing off to the side of the exit if I remember correctly. That could be more prominent! -Remove the random vending machines at the beginning of the line. I really hate vending machines in queue lines. The queue line is already hard enough to see the actual length without a few random guests trying to buy a pack of M&M's right there. It just really sticks out like a sore thumb. -A soundtrack playing in the queue line is a simple thing that really could add to the mood. It could be a soundtrack of woods sound effects with an occasional roar or rustle in the bushes. It could be kind of folky music similar to Big Thunder Mountain in WDW. One of the things about MT that I loved was the soundtrack that eerie and the heart thumping sound was so crazy intimidating. -Speaking of the haunt behind The Beast's queue line, why not grow some trees or bushes to kind of hide that? I think it'd be way spookier and easier to theme when it's finally time for that event, and I just hate seeing it. That's my biggest pet peeve with Kings Island. I know it's a big deal with the park, but the majority of the season--that building isn't being used. Take the sign down, hide the building some from the queue line. Seeing these autumn attractions really catches my eye when I'm in a park at the end of April, and not in a good way. It makes me go "oh, they haven't cleaned up from Halloween yet". I know I'm in the minority but boy do I hate it. I'm also looking at you, The Bat.
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