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  1. Is the one day digital ride photo card still available? We looked at getting it last year, but it was late in the day when we saw the sign and realized that would be fun to do.
  2. I find the Platinum Pass discounts hard to find too. Did you know as a PP holder you can bring one friend for free to Wildwater Kingdom between May 23- June 30th? You can also bring a friend for $15.99. It is just listed on their website as a discount, but had to use Twitter to find out the information.
  3. Long-time Lurker, planning a family trip to Kings Island this summer! Does anyone know of a hotel in the area that has a shuttle bus to the park? We used to stay at the Kings Island Resort and Conference Center, but that is no longer an option. We have Platinum Passes, but would also love the option for some members of the group to come back to the hotel on their own. Thanks!
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