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  1. Crossing fingers the car references were for Antique Cars!
  2. Could picnic tables mean either a revamped group picnic area or the ride will interact with the picnic area?
  3. Tip- Reds Grill is the best place to get water. They'll give you one of their full sized, plastic beer glasses at the bar!
  4. I'm a 5'1" female and wear a size 6/8. I was barely able to fit into Millennium Force this year!
  5. Carowinds is definitely worth the trip. We took a 3 hour detour on our way to Roanoke, VA to stop here!
  6. Swimming through the air at Carowinds right now...
  7. I wish... one of the kiddos wasn't 54" yet. The girls didn't want to exclude her!
  8. Some things closed briefly but everything was reopened by 11:15 or so. Scrambler, bumper cars, etc... were still open so we killed our time between roller coasters reopening with those! Still got 3 rides on Banshee, 4 on Racer, 2 on Bat, 2 Beast, the flats, and had lunch. Longest waits were Banshee for people not fitting!
  9. We were there from 10-2:30 yesterday. Best day st the park in a LONG time!
  10. I will say that we used to be a once a week ring toss playing family. We have only played it once this year and there is rarely anyone playing it. It's not a painful process to load the card and I think it's a better system then letting teens have cash but we just haven't used it much.
  11. They don't have them at Cedar Point. I'll be at Carowinds next Saturday so I can check then. At KI, there js no actual cost for the card. You load $5, you get $5.
  12. "The Blue Racer ks boring. The Red Racer goes faster and has a cooler track." Heard last night
  13. I have a one time Fast Lane foe Valravn that I won from the vending machine thing last year. It expires the 30th and we won't make it back up before then. If anyone has a trip planned there and wants me to mail it to them in the next day or two, PM me your info!
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