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  1. Crossing fingers the car references were for Antique Cars!
  2. Could picnic tables mean either a revamped group picnic area or the ride will interact with the picnic area?
  3. Tip- Reds Grill is the best place to get water. They'll give you one of their full sized, plastic beer glasses at the bar!
  4. I'm a 5'1" female and wear a size 6/8. I was barely able to fit into Millennium Force this year!
  5. Carowinds is definitely worth the trip. We took a 3 hour detour on our way to Roanoke, VA to stop here!
  6. Swimming through the air at Carowinds right now...
  7. I wish... one of the kiddos wasn't 54" yet. The girls didn't want to exclude her!
  8. Some things closed briefly but everything was reopened by 11:15 or so. Scrambler, bumper cars, etc... were still open so we killed our time between roller coasters reopening with those! Still got 3 rides on Banshee, 4 on Racer, 2 on Bat, 2 Beast, the flats, and had lunch. Longest waits were Banshee for people not fitting!
  9. We were there from 10-2:30 yesterday. Best day st the park in a LONG time!
  10. I will say that we used to be a once a week ring toss playing family. We have only played it once this year and there is rarely anyone playing it. It's not a painful process to load the card and I think it's a better system then letting teens have cash but we just haven't used it much.
  11. They don't have them at Cedar Point. I'll be at Carowinds next Saturday so I can check then. At KI, there js no actual cost for the card. You load $5, you get $5.
  12. "The Blue Racer ks boring. The Red Racer goes faster and has a cooler track." Heard last night
  13. I have a one time Fast Lane foe Valravn that I won from the vending machine thing last year. It expires the 30th and we won't make it back up before then. If anyone has a trip planned there and wants me to mail it to them in the next day or two, PM me your info!
  14. Chicken shack salad, minus the chicken. It's an awesome salad!
  15. We went last night for the first time with a group of 9-13 year olds and three adults. the adults all liked Cirque Imagine better but the kids likes Origins. They all said it was because it was "funnier". They really liked how the show interacted more this year than previous years but us moms missed the bike portion...
  16. I have my Eddie Bauer"roller coaster" pants. If my belongings don't zip into my pockets, I don't need them in the park. Sorry, no sympathy from me... even when the kiddo was younger, we would just walk out to the car to change clothes or whatever people need 8 backpacks for.
  17. Which one were you malem? I was there with a crazy 9 year old Red head
  18. Coastermania has been great aside from the group of three people pitching a fit this morning because CP should've made "mandatory registration" more widely known. They walked away cursing yet I saw them at lunch. Hoping CP didn't cave! The only downside has been Sandcastle Suits. Its dingy, smells of dead fish, and maintenance never showed up for our broken balcony door issue. There has been a chicken nugget on the hallway floor for over 36 hours now too. Big disappointment BUT it was only $240 for two nights!
  19. Had a great dinner at Reds Grill tonight around 5pm. Kelsi was great, attentive, and we got hot food fast. I'm willing to bet we were in and out of there before the people got through the Chick-fil-a line! Filled out a comment card about our good experience. The ice cream line by Banshee was insane and people wouldn't let us cut through to get to Banshee and The Bat. McDonald's has ice cream as good for $1!
  20. Reds and Rivertown Larosas were definitely open tonight
  21. I got the chicken salad, minus the chicken, at chicken shack today. (I'm not a fan of chicken) This salad was awesome. It had cucumber, tomato, bacon, onion, jalapeƱo, green pepper, and cheese. My new favorite entree at the park!
  22. Two cars from the right lane decided to turn left out of the south exit. They had the stones to honk at a KI cop and myself. The cop did nothing :-(
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