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  1. I am not a troll! I am just asking questions that I want answered. That is all I am doing. I thought forums were meant to be asked questions. I am asking my questions on one forum and not making multiple forums to get answers anymore. I can't wait to go to Kings Island in the summer of 2016. Thanks for giving me answers Rhyano.
  2. What is the best time to ride Slingshot? What is the best time to ride Xtreme Skylfyer? Is Firehawk a good ride to start off the day because of the lines later? How long do the lines for Firehawk get later? Is the middle car on Firehawk a good starting car for first time riders? Is an outside seat on Firehawk good for first time riders?
  3. My first coaster at Kings Island ever will be Firehawk. I want to ride this because of how intense it is, how fun it looks, and it will be my first flying coaster ever. I can't wait to ride Firehawk!
  4. I was redirected from Reddit and was wondering about something. How comfy and tight is the harness on slingshot? Also how comfy is the seat on slingshot?
  5. When will be the cheapest time to buy tickets during the summer ( I was planning on going in late May but I have a job starting early in June and was wondering if July would be a good time to go to Kings Island to avoid the lines )? Any advice for Drop Tower as I have never ridden a Drop Tower ride in my life ( I know stupid but this is why I am going because I want to get out of my comfort zone )? Is Drop Tower a good way to get prepared for Slingshot and Xtreme Skyflyer ( I will also ride these for the first time in my life )? Also can someone explain the track layout of Firehawk because I love seeing the layout of the track? Is July a time where there are not many crowds at Kings Island? Does the rider pull the lever on Xtreme Skyflyer ( I don't know how to operate these rides )? I am only curious because the park will not contact me with the answers to my questions ( I asked over two months ago ).
  6. Say if I just want a photo from Firehawk, how much would that cost ( will I have to buy a funpix thing for it )? How much does the video for slingshot cost? What ride are you most excited for this season? For those who were wondering, I am not a troll but someone who forgets the questions are in another place on the forum, so that is why I ask the same question a bunch of times. I am a forgetful person with some things. I am also a curious person who forgets the answers to some questions. What rides have cameras?
  7. If I want the left seat, can I ask for it on slingshot? What can you hold on to on slingshot? What should you do if you are nervous when you are strapped in? How good is the view from slingshot? How do you make the slingshot ride do more loops? How tight can the harness be on slingshot ( I love rides that have a tight harness )? How expensive are tickets for slingshot if you go into the park and purchase them first thing? Do you get any warning before slingshot launches? What advice do you have for slingshot?
  8. Can you choose which seat to sit in when riding slingshot with an employee? Do you have to pay for the employee when they ride? Can you buckle the lap belt on your own on slingshot? How comfy and tight is the harness on slingshot? How comfy is the seat? Can you ask for the shoulder harness to be tighter?
  9. Can riders ride slingshot solo? I have looked and tried to contact the park and they have not responded ( I asked 3 weeks ago ). I know you can ride Xtreme Skyflyer solo but I am not sure about slingshot. If you can't ride slingshot solo, are you paired with a employee to ride it?
  10. As we all know at this point, I am going to go to Kings Island in the summer of 2016. I have tried asking my friends to go with me, but they are all busy. So I am going to go to Kings Island on my own because my friends are busy. Looking at what I need to improve on, I have decided to make a better iteanrry than my last one. The list of rides I will ride first will start at the top. Gain entrence to the park at 10:00 AM. Get tickets for Slingshot and Xtreme Skyflyer ( I will ride these later ) Ride Firehawk ( before the line gets to long ) Ride Flight of Fear Ride Delirium Ride Banshee Ride The Bat Ride Drop Tower Ride Invertigo Ride Slingshot Ride Diamondback Ride Vortex Ride WindSeeker Ride Backlot Stunt Coaster Ride Xtreme Skyflyer Go back and ride any ride that I want to ride. I will find time to get lunch/ drinks. End of my schedule. I just have a couple of questions. How much money should I bring for this trip? Is my list good? Should I change my list at all? Would you do this list? I hope that I can go this summer to Kings Island, and this is what I will base my trip off of. Any feedback is helpful.
  11. I was asking because the person who may go to Kings Island with me in the summer of 2016 does not want to ride these rides. I want to ride these rides really badly. So, can riders ride Xtreme Skyflyer and slingshot solo? Also, what tips do you have for those rides? Does a rider have to pull the cord to release the rider on Xtreme Skyflyer?
  12. I am planning to go to Kings Island with a girl in the summer of 2016 and I have a question. Is it okay to hold hands on rides if you are nervous? Also can you hold on to the harness if you are nervous? Is it okay with the park to do this? What rides at Kings Island are good for holding hands or the harness? Thanks, any advice is helpful.
  13. I was wondering because I know that some coasters have a camera that takes a picture of you on the ride but not all of them. Which coasters have a camera? Where is the camera on those coasters? Can you post your pictures of you on the rides that have cameras on them ( does not matter what coaster )? How much do pictures cost from the cameras to get for yourself? Also how much does the video for slingshot cost? Any answers are helpful.
  14. I am asking this in a general question because I am wondering what ride you are thinking about right now that is at Kings Island. I am also asking this because there are so many rides and want to know what ride people will want to ride right now. Can you tell your on ride experiences on the ride you chose? Why do you want to be on it right now? The uncharge attractions do count on this list. Kiddie rides also count. Any ride will count as long as it is at Kings Island. What ride do you want to ride at Kings Island right now?
  15. These are both two coasters I want to ride when I go to Kings Island, but I am not sure Firehawk is a good starting coaster. The other coaster I was thinking was Vortex but I am not sure. Which coaster is better? Why? Can you tell your on ride experiences for ether ride or both? I am planning to ride these, but am not sure which to ride first. I have ridden a roller coaster with loops but I have not ridden a flying coaster just in case you are wondering. After voting please say why you voted what you did.
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