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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. Put them on The Racer if you want them to feel like their train is going to fall through the wood
  2. I'll just use White Water Canyon for showers thank you
  3. This just reminds me of how excited I am for Nintendo and the rumored Blizzard IP at Universal Studios
  4. have you ever played the dark ride in Canada's Wonderland? That's like Destiny
  5. Sorry this answer couldn't get to you before the movie started last night, but no, you don't have to get in the pool to watch, as they have several screens angled for swimmers as well as non-swimmers. I would recommend getting there when the waterpark closes (at 8, which is an hour and a half before the movie starts). It wasn't so necessary to get there that early last night due to there not being a lot of guests, but there normally is a pretty good amount, so seats can fill up quickly. Did you end up going last night?
  6. Zombie Dogz is the biggest food truck in Dayton with a ginormous following. They are known for huge all beef hot dogs served in oversized hot dog buns with a wide array of unique toppings and sauces. Everything is themed to Zombies. https://www.facebook.com/zombiedogzdayton I had them out back of my buisness many times and its amazing to see the croud they bring just on their own. Huh, impressive! I gotta try these out. I like all the other trucks coming so far though
  7. just comin in with the bee quip!
  8. Hey everyone. So are any of you interested in going to this Food Truck Festival? I think it looks pretty legit. Here's a link to the website with some details. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/events-and-promotions/Food-Truck-Festival Who's all going? I'm pretty interested in the C'est Cheese truck
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