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  1. Having taken several week-long backpacking trips, attended Coachella and Bonnaroo, and have been on camping trips since I was five, I can say that one night in August without a shower is not a huge deal. Bath wipes and deodorant can equal a shower in these situations. Oh, and dry shampoo.
  2. Does Racer count as one coaster or two? Like, if you're counting all the coasters at Kings Island, do you count Red Racer and Blue Racer, or just "Racer?"
  3. I have this problem on Firehawk, Gatekeeper, and Banshee. Every time I ride Banshee, the restraints press down on my hipbones by the end of the ride. Sitting at the final brake run is torture because I can't breathe and I need to get out. I have yet to find a seat on Banshee that I can comfortably ride in.
  4. Is Zombie Dogz gonna be there? If not, I'm not going.
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