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  1. Ok that's so big bummer....lol. Thank you so much for replying.
  2. Does anyone know if the souvenir cups that I purchased last year (2014) at the Kings Island in Mason, Ohio can be taken into the park and reused, for .99 cents refills, this year (2015)?? Ive gotten onto their site, googled it, and just keep getting mixed up answers. So if anyone has went this yr and last yr, and was able to take in your cups in this yr n reuse them, would u please link?? Bc my son and his friends are taking this trip (he's 18, and this is his 1st trip wout us parents going, ugh) and with my son just had starting to work and only brought in 1 paycheck so far, I thought it'd help him out a ill, as far as him AND his friends using our cups we purchased last yr. Thanks so much...dk46933
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