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  1. That's completely false. Deaths are creeping up again. Texas had its highest total of deaths to date just today.
  2. It's really not more complicated than that. "If you were in XXX area of the park on XXX day, you may have been exposed." That's it. Nobody needs times narrowed down, etc. Give us SOMETHING.
  3. Nope. And it's negligence. I'll argue that all day long. It's absolutely unacceptable.
  4. It's not a matter of if it's "not required". Come on. It's a public health situation. Doesn't matter if it's not required, it's the right thing to do.
  5. ....that's it? They're not going to tell people where the associate worked, what hours they worked, etc? Sorry, but that's absolute negligence on KI's part.
  6. They've been opening it up to everyone around 5-6. Most have reported walk-ons.
  7. Fantastic article, and I agree completely. If we can get some real treatments for this thing that render it to a flu/common cold type virus, that'll go a long, long way toward getting "back to normal".
  8. This is what Worlds of Fun appears to have done (although they didn't add any extra hours).
  9. I haven't been there before, so I wasn't aware. Good to know!
  10. Makes me wonder if we'll see KI open the waterpark to try and bring in additional revenue. Of course, you'd then have to provide additional staff, etc...so probably not.
  11. Interesting that the amusement park itself is not opening, but the waterpark is.
  12. It's not a matter of opinion. It's literally scientific and medical fact. Not to mention the fewer people that vaccinate, the less good a vaccination does. So should we take that to mean you also have zero concern about the health/immunity of others, as well?
  13. Sorry, but this is absolutely absurd and socially irresponsible. There's literally no evidence that "immunity" even exists with this strain of coronavirus.
  14. Yeah, this is an interesting point. So many people are like "Oh everything will be fine next year", while simultaneously pretending everything's fine NOW...and it's far, FAR from fine. As a country and as citizens our response to this pandemic has been nothing short of a dumpster fire - we should have this contained by now, and would have if people would display even a modicum of personal responsibility.
  15. Not anymore - passholders can now have unlimited reservations at once.
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