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  1. Park is absolutely empty. The few people that are here are at Orion.
  2. Yeah, we didn't get there until around 4:30, and were only there an hour. It definitely could be a thing where compliance waned later in the day, in that case.
  3. Maybe we were there at different times. Definitely had different experiences, from the sound of it, and it wasn't paranoia, for sure.
  4. We thought about doing Dorney this weekend. Glad we didn't now.
  5. Went to the park earlier. Figured even with escalating numbers, based on my last visit in early July I'd still feel great about it. Nope. Park was actually fairly busy, based on this new environment, which is good for the park. But enforcement of the covid protocols was non-existent. Diamondback queue looked exactly as if everything were normal - ZERO social distancing, everyone piled in right next to one another. I counted at least 25 people walking around with no mask on at all, and numerous employees that walked right by them without saying a word. If I had to count the number of
  6. I think the fact that there's virtually zero known outbreaks at amusement parks - not just in Kings Island, but Cedar Point, Disney, etc - is a real testament to the safety precautions put in place. I think we're going back to the park on Sunday/Monday - one last hurrah before my wife has to go back to work (school) in 10 days.
  7. What were your wait times like on Tuesday?
  8. FTL, you mean. For you but more importantly for others. Not that you care.
  9. It's not masks. It's the fact that there's a pandemic.
  10. Good. Stay home. You can use the extra time to research covid-19 since you appear to know absolutely nothing about it whatsoever.
  11. Thanks for posting this. We were there twice this year (July 2-3) and I've been considering squeezing out one more trip. This made the decision for me - I won't be returning to the park during the pandemic knowing that they've relaxed the enforcement of their guidelines.
  12. My wife works with special education students at a local elementary school. My father - 62 years old - is in the school's IT department. They want to work. I think they should be working. Kids need school, etc. the problem is, despite what Fauci, the CDC, the AAP and every other expert says, there are ZERO mandates on a federal - or in many instances, even a state level - for reopening schools. The result is a hodge-podge mess of schools making their own policies, many of which fall woefully short of even the minimum CDC recommendations. As of now, our school system isn't even requiring m
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