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  1. That makes me think there's a reopen announcement coming and they're aware of the date.
  2. I would guess they'd remain open a little later in the year through the week. At least I'd hope so.
  3. Easy. No need for the hostility. Just stating an opinion.
  4. July 27 seems incredibly late in the season to even bother.
  5. I would say "waiting until the first case at an amusement park" won't be a long wait. I'd be shocked if someone didn't contract it within the first week of an opening.
  6. To this day I never received my "pass perks"
  7. That's a good point. But then again I'd also imagine they'd increase capacity for the waterpark as well.
  8. I don't think Holiday World's in danger of being overrun. They're running at drastically reduced capacity and yet haven't even sold one of their days out yet.
  9. We were there for a couple of hours yesterday and it was extremely crowded. We really just went to get one last Vortex ride. Tried to purchase the last Vortex shirt at the shop by the blown glass shop (name escapes me) - the shirt was inside a frame and was basically just a piece of cloth with Vortex on it. The worker was very kind and called (presumably) a supervisor who said they could not sell it. Not sure why, as it's not like they had any use for it going forward. Also got our platinum passes for 2020. Looking forward to checking out some other CF parks!
  10. Quick question about the re-entry policy. We're going next Saturday (2020 Platinum passes) and plan to arrive around 2-3pm. If we leave before Haunt starts at 6, would we be able to come back later in the evening? I assumed that the no re-entry was for people who arrived after 6, but now I'm second guessing myself.
  11. Yeah it doesn't make sense. Isn't Haunt busy anyway? My wife is crushed. This has always been her favorite coaster anywhere. We're gonna go on the 5th and hope that the line to ride it isn't insane.
  12. In fairness Firehawk's departure was announced on this day last year.
  13. Was the park always opening at 7 this Saturday? My wife and I booked a hotel and everything for this Saturday because I swear we saw that it was open 11-1 this week. Calendar shows 7-1 now. Just cancelled our reservation.
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