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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that we went to KI yesterday and had an awesome time! My grandson enjoyed all the coasters, and I stood on the sidelines and watched. I decided it was not worth the risk to ride and get hurt. And guess what? I still had fun! Thank you all so much for your input. KI rocks!
  2. Thank you to everyone that has responded to my post! (And please, feel free to continue to respond)! We aren't going on our trip until next week, and I am still on the fence as to how I am going to proceed. My back issue was just a bulging disc that was fixed with out patient surgery, and not a fusion on anything like some of the people on here have experienced. I still do yard work and can carry some heavy items as long as I don't do it repeatedly. I just remember what it felt like the day that disc went out...holy cow, that was some serious pain! I'm thinking at this point that I may just let my grandson ride the coasters, and I will try some of the other rides like WindSeeker and the water rides when he is done. Then if that goes well, at the end of the day I may try some of the coasters. I definitely know the woodies are out of the question (and I love The Beast <pouting now>) and Vertigo and Vortex. And I wouldn't ride Firehawk if I was in perfect condition...I watched my stepson ride it and he said it definitely ruined his day. And like so many of you said, the most important thing is having fun and making memories with my grandson! Thanks again for all your responses.
  3. I am over the age of 50, overweight at 5'4 and 185 lbs, and I have had prior minor back surgery. I am also not ready to give up riding roller coasters!!! I will be at Kings Island soon with my grandson...and all he wants to ride are the coasters. I want so badly to be able to ride with him, but I see that every coaster has a "no bad back" icon next to it. Since it will just be him and I at the park...and three hours away from home...I can't take the chance of getting hurt. Can anyone tell me which coasters I might be able to ride, and which ones to avoid? Thank you so much for your help!
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