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  1. Yeah, did the same thing on Millennium Force. Even Maverick was walk on at times. Only bummer was how much Steel Vengeance was down.
  2. In May my family and I had a trip to Cedar Point where they called for rain every day about all day. It barely rained at all. So probably not unless you are certain it will rain enough to ruin the trip. Storms can also lead to low crowd days, the time you save with short lines can make up for time lost due to storms.
  3. I don't know how hard they are to move but I would suggest moving just the Mystic Timbers cam to IS until the new coaster announcement, then moving it again for construction. After that it could probably stay there for the foreseeable future.
  4. The announcement will certainly have its own thread so that won't be necessary.
  5. I hope so, a newer X2, Maverick, and a ground up RMC are what I would want to see at KI.
  6. Arrow beat you to it. Bankrupted them too. Google X2.
  7. Coincidence? Rode it twice with my niece last Tuesday. Think I only saw it closed once so far this year. The ride is one of the last to close due to weather as well.
  8. Skyrush pulls -2Gs, duration is a big factor as well. Humans can withstand a lot of G forces for very short duration. As you said the max negative is in the -2 to -3 range and around 5 positive before blacking out.
  9. No to mention Polaris, which manufactures things like jet skis.
  10. Dueling Dragons disagrees. Also KI has two inverts already.
  11. I'd agree, Inverts seem pretty saturated as are floorless/sitting models. I think we aren't going to see a giga dive anytime soon though as that might be too much of an investment for Six Flags and Cedar Point has one. One could possibly come to Carowinds. Would be pretty funny if KI got one though - you wanted a giga coaster? Have all the giga's you can handle!
  12. Quite a bit more difference between a woodie and a B&M hyper than two B&M hypers.
  13. Why would I do that? I never said it would be easy, in fact I implied the exact opposite. People have gone much farther before than what the leaked layout would take and CAD software isn't difficult to come by. I maintain that the complexity and time investment required doesn't rule out the possibility the layout is fake. You should also note that I haven't taken a position on the legitimacy of the leaked layout.
  14. To those saying this can't be fake due to the time/details - you have no idea how far people will go. I've spent more hours on fake amusement parks than this would take.
  15. They are close enough in theme that they can be interchanged if one falls through. The other may never be used like Centurion.
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