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  1. If your trusted friend thinks they are right they aren't really lying to you even if they are wrong. A trustworthy source can still be a bad one. I bet they mean well but may be doing more harm than good. Social media is a terrible source as well. Keep in mind Google merely finds information, it doesn't vet it. It also prioritizes info that draws clicks without regard for it's accuracy. As far as antibodies go they are all natural since your body makes them itself. The vaccine causes a somewhat different reaction resulting in different antibodies but the end effect is the same. From all I've read the vaccine response is superior but doesn't last as long requiring a booster shot to keep antibodies active in the body. Antibodies from an infection last around a year while the vaccine lasts about 8 months. Having both is better than either alone. Your chance of infection with the vaccine from Delta is around 30 percent. Eliminating 70 percent of the risk is still a good result. This also helps to stop the virus from mutating.
  2. If anyone was planning to visit the Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall the first night is Oct 1st this year not the 27th as in the pic.
  3. I was there Thursday and the crew cycled trains so everyone got off at the station as normal. They then cycled trains again to park a specific train in the station.
  4. He's much friendlier when you're getting off.
  5. My brother and I were waiting in line for it last Thursday night at the back row when it went down. Waited a few minutes when the op at the back told is it would probably be down for a while and said "our trains are a hot mess right now", take that for what you will. Seeing as fireworks weren't long away we left the line. Edit: trains were still being cycled when it closed so I would think the lifts are fine.
  6. I received one of the settlement claim forms and it states I could receive up to $60. On a side note since it always comes up when talk of frivolous lawsuits abound- the McDonald's debacle was about a malfunctioning coffee machine that made the coffee scalding hot giving the woman third degree burns, not that it was simply hot. McDonalds was considered negligent because they didn't fix the coffee maker or properly warn the customer.
  7. Makes leaving them a bit sillier but the logic of not needing a locker or worrying about losing them on a ride still remains. Getting my Dad to pay for a locker is harder than pulling a lions teeth!
  8. You do realize some people are cheap? Why not save yourself 10 bucks if you're meeting someone in the parking lot anyway? And you can't blame their logic with how rare this kind of occurance is at Kings Island. You don't need to convince me of anything as I keep my keys on me.
  9. They probably thought they were safer locked in their friends car than getting lost on a roller coaster. Can't say I haven't seen my family do it.
  10. I could be wrong but I think the last time this brood came out it so happened to sinc up with another smaller brood making it larger than normal. I certainly recall it being the biggest I've ever seen.
  11. Diamondback has one switchback full on the webcam around a 30 to 40 min wait. That's the only queue really visible from the cams though. Strange that Banshee would be so crowded but not Diamondback. Hoping next Sunday isn't too bad since I can't make today.
  12. I used the meal plan for a cfa sandwich Saturday no problem. Seems it is still available.
  13. Wasn't it Diamondback that didn't have an increase? And I think Mystic Timbers was 2%. Also be careful when comparing percentages. Kings Island attendance is much higher than many other parks which makes for lower percentages. Additions may also be made simply to keep attendance up rather than increase it.
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