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  1. There hasn't been an announcement yet. Orion ornaments have April Edit - 11th not 20 -on them making that the likely opening day. In the past pass holder preview day has been the Friday before opening day starting at 5. I'm not sure if ert for next year has been announced or not but Orion is likely to be on it at some point.
  2. They only run both sides when the park is busy enough. They usually run red.
  3. App puts most things around 15 - 25 and Diamondback does look around 20. Soak City did look crowded and the park feels busy overall although the lines don't look too bad atm.
  4. I'm aware that was under Paramount who proved it could work fine and was far less likely to cram in rides or have them interact with midways or other rides than Cedar Fair. If the infrastructure is there already and all they have to do is extend a lift over another coaster (probably using some steel bridging like Mystic Timbers) then I think they would be willing to take those steps. With rides like Mystic Timbers, Valravn and Yukon Striker they have proven that. And are certainly more willing than Paramount would have been in my opinion.
  5. It already was the entrance to a roller coaster right next to The Bat and through its exit. I don't think the park is very concerned about it.
  6. I think Mystic Timbers shows they will since it certainly didn't have to be crammed on top of White Water Canyon.
  7. I would have been first if I was on a pc instead of my phone.
  8. I would say Maverick has way more with the rock work, water canons and queue house.
  9. You can add FOF to that list too, their Six Flags counterparts are slightly taller so a bit different. I think these are all similar enough to call them clones.
  10. I went up yesterday after work and it wasn't bad, stormed for about an hour. They did shut down at 9 though.
  11. Yeah, did the same thing on Millennium Force. Even Maverick was walk on at times. Only bummer was how much Steel Vengeance was down.
  12. In May my family and I had a trip to Cedar Point where they called for rain every day about all day. It barely rained at all. So probably not unless you are certain it will rain enough to ruin the trip. Storms can also lead to low crowd days, the time you save with short lines can make up for time lost due to storms.
  13. I don't know how hard they are to move but I would suggest moving just the Mystic Timbers cam to IS until the new coaster announcement, then moving it again for construction. After that it could probably stay there for the foreseeable future.
  14. The announcement will certainly have its own thread so that won't be necessary.
  15. I hope so, a newer X2, Maverick, and a ground up RMC are what I would want to see at KI.
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