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  1. The quote credits Mystic Timbers for most of the increase. I don't feel like dredging it up at the moment but didn't the park say they broke the attendance record or some record in late August? Edit: I may be mixed up about that year per a Cedar Fair press release. They did state that Mystic Timbers performed well: Commenting on the 2017 season to-date, Matt Ouimet, Cedar Fair's chief executive officer, stated, "We are pleased with the guest response to our 2017 capital programs. Mystic Timbers, our world-class roller coaster at Kings Island, and our water park transformations at Knott's Berry Farm and Cedar Point Shores have delivered attendance above our expectations. However, we have experienced more than a few instances of unfavorable weather on some of our traditionally peak attendance days – including the recent Labor Day weekend - and it has proven difficult to fully recover these attendance shortfalls up to this point in time. https://pointbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/cedar-fair-reports-attendance-and-revenues-through-labor-day-2
  2. Have to agree here, just googling articles and all I see is how great the attendance is. Record attendance levels and almost constant growth. I don't get the "investments don't pay off at KI" argument, all the park announcements, earnings reports and estimates refute this theory. Just as an example - “It's a little bit of a tough pill to swallow the softness we've seen in 2018, but quite frankly the performance, if we just gauge it versus the last five or six years, it's still a very good year for that park,” he said. https://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/mystic-timbers-attendance-gains-fading-for-kings-island- Despite the negative headline and the dip in sales it was still one of the best years of the past decade. Or how about this one? Attendance at Ohio's Cedar Point was flat in 2017, while Kings Island saw a 2.5 percent increase in guests, due largely to the debut of new roller coaster Mystic Timbers. https://www.cleveland.com/travel/2018/07/attendance_flat_at_cedar_point.html I don't think a 2.5% increase (hundreds of thousands of people in KI's case) is a small amount. And for those being asked about sources, this is how you do it. It may not be necessary but it will help prove your point.
  3. Didn't catch that, we were referencing something from several posts before so I thought he wasn't following.
  4. Which is weird since I've been on the one in Six Flags Great Adventure and there is supposed to be one in Six Flags New England as well.
  5. To add to Bansheeback, and has been stated previously in the thread, the commencement mentions real estate improvements and "the project." New seat covers don't count as either. It seems unlikely a ride as new as Banshee would get new restraints especially considering the newest kind B&M uses are already on it. And again this wouldn't fit the descriptions used. This would refer to some kind of construction project, either a major modification or new. It's rare for steel coasters (especially B&M's) to be changed and neither Banshee nor Diamondback seem to need any changes.
  6. Galaxy's Edge is on the complete opposite corner of the park, closer to Toy Story land. Seems unlikely.
  7. Final Steel Vengeance (9) vs. The Beast (9)     3rd  Banshee (3) vs. Maverick (10) Next vote decides it!
  8. Final Steel Vengeance (4) vs. The Beast (6)     3rd  Banshee (3) vs. Maverick (6)
  9. You can multi quote (it's the plus next to quote under a post on desktop) and it is against the rules to multipost so avoid it in the future.
  10. Final Steel Vengeance (2) vs. The Beast (2) 3rd Banshee (0) vs. Maverick (3)
  11. Steel Vengeance (8) vs. Maverick (8) The Beast (10) Vs. Banshee (6)
  12. Millennium Force (2) vs. Maverick (10)Top Thrill Dragster (4) vs. Banshee (8)Steel Vengeance (9) vs. Magnum XL-200 (3)Diamondback (5) vs. The Beast (7)
  13. A used flyer is mentioned along with the two boomerangs. From the article: The Belgian Plopsa Fans website has recently gotten in contact with Trans Studio and has learned the following: “And as-designed, our Trans Studio parks will receive a pre-owned flying coaster and boomerangs. Indeed, the Plopsaland Bat Flyer will be one of them. Also interesting, one of the Boomerangs will be the one from Knott’s Berry Farm.”
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