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  1. I agree with you all on that one. My sister who is 7 was with me and she's still a bit paranoid going up that first hill, she kept asking "Is his phone going to fall and hit me in the face?!" lol!!!
  2. Kind of off topic but not sure what other post it would go under. A little bit ago we were on The Beast and this guy in front of us, I don't know what it was exactly but his phone was literally stuck on his knuckles. He recorded the ride from the hill to the end. And I'm just expressing my anger because I've saw the occasional someone takes a "selfie" on a ride but not someone who recorded the whole ride. I was so angry I almost said something to him and the ride ops when we were done but figured it wouldn't do any good. I just can't imagine the damage a phone flying that fast would do to someone if he were to let go of it. Edit: I also know everyone talks about this topic a lot on here but I feel better letting it out to people who care. Hahahaha
  3. I had my first trip ever at Soak City today. Never been to a water park before. Now I'm in line for The Beast. Pretty decent wait. Crowded for a Wednesday .
  4. With shoes, she is 48" and is lucky enough to ride the coasters on the dry side so she was a bit bummed that she's not going to be able to get on everything in the water park, but I'm very glad to see she will have lots other things to do! We're all very excited to go tomorrow!
  5. Thank you all for the advice! One last question, my sister is 47" and I'm seeing a lot of the requirements are 48", will they let her go down those if I am with her? I've never went to a water park before so I don't know how anything works so I'm sorry if this comes off silly.
  6. My family and I have passes and we are just now going to venture to Soak City! I was just wondering if there were any information we should know before going. Also My sister is 7, will she fall under the category of needing to wear a life jacket?
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