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  1. Wow, what a day, I could not have asked for a better day at the park! The weather was extremely nice, a little bit on the warm side, but surely I can't complain. And it being a day before a h9oliday weekend, someone sure was looking out for us. I arrived at the park around noon after my drive from Indy. The park is empty...when I say empty, I mean there is little or no lines at all. There were very small lines even on TR:TR, DZ and Face/Off, which I found very nice, nothing like having a good selection of rides at your finger tips and no wait. I had my girlfriend with me and she hadn't been on SoB or Delirium yet, so i was anxious to get her on those as soon as possible. We did the rides in this order. Delirium: about a five minute wait. Great ride a little disorienting the first ride of the day, but great just the same. I really love this ride, it always seems pack a little punch everytime I ride it. My girlfriend she fell in love with this ride. Son of Beast: 5 to 10 minute wait: I have always enjoyed this ride, but today I don't know exactly, but it really beat my up more then others, it was even worse then Beast, and Beast to me, has always been rough. Today though, even the smallest drop out of the station killed me. It was really rough. i have ridden it alot in the passed and this ride is still great, I'll give it another chance. My girlfriend got so beat up on it, she probably won't ride it again, we will just have to see about that...... I am guessing SoB is a little jealous of his fathers birthday, cuz today, he was raging mad. Top Gun: Walked right on: my parents went on this one with us, my dad has been on every rde with me but my mom is still starting out, she isn't too much of a coaster fan. So, she decided to go on Top Gun with us, lets just say it was priceless listening to her scream. She was so afraid but releaved that she wanted to ride it a second time, sad, I know. So that was great, and for the second time, we didn't even have to leave out seat, just stayed on. Face/Off: 15 minutes( our longest wait of the day)From Top Gun my girlfriend and I went to Face/Off, this has always been one of my favorite ride at PKI, short and simple along with powerful and and a little disorientation. She and i rode with another couple we want to be inthe back car on the way out of the station, and we didn't want to wait for three or four trains to go so we just joined another couple, I sat going forward going through the station and she sat infront of me going backwards first. I had a maybe 25 yo gal next to me and her husband we sitting across from her, so it was pretty interesting and there sure were alot of four letter words flying from them Great Ride...like always. Drop Zone: 13 minutes: >We normally wait for DZ for close to an hour on regular days...so we were extremely lucky. The line went a little slow because a guy got the belt stuck in the clip. But no worries. i have never really been much of a fan of this ride because it always scared me. but I ride it, nothing like falling nad having the breath being sucked out of you. I sure wish there was a way to make that sensation stop cuz that ride would be so much more enjoyable. but oh well once again a great ride, and it is priceless to hear your girl scream her head off. Just joking guys. We had lunch at Festhaus and walked over to BB, i hadn't been there before so things were pretty cool. Looks fun. We took the traim from BB to Rivertown and then headed for Beast Beast: walk on: I was sorta "bummed" cuz I had heard that the documentary on The Beast is pretty interesting I would have liked to had seen it. Oh well, you just can't complain about the short lines. We rode it twice, and both times extremely smooth. I dunno Beast must have been happy cuz it was his "birthday" necause he didn't try to kill us all. Sponge Bob: no wait: This is a really great ride and suprising not to many people know about it. Today was my first time riding it and it was great. Both the ride and the crew was doing a great job. Racer and recaR: no wait: both great ride plenty of air like expected, just one more of PKI's classics! We then walked back over to Beast and rode it again, this time I rode it with my Dad. After beast i wanted to ride Delirium once more so we made out way over there and took our last ride for the day. it was such a great day i couldn't have asked for better weather and the lines, man was I lucky! The fireworks are ready onthe tower for tomorrow nights Nights of Fire, looks pretty cool guys! -PKICoasterFreek
  2. All I really have to say is why in the world would you get back into the queue if the ride broke down and first time and a second time? I would think after the first time you would NORMALLY go to a differant ride. Rides break down some times, you just gotta live with it, all of us have to.
  3. Wow, I missed that part the first time I read it . thats really ironic can strange in a scary sorta way... If I knew that was in there I wouldn't have posted that site....sorry guys.
  4. I was just reading on a website about how a fire destroyed Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio. A horrible fire came through there a little while back and destroyed the park. I have some photos I found. It is pretty sad to see a place like that, it doesn't have to be a huge park but to see a coaster destroyed is pretty sad. http://www.angelfire.com/oh4/tk173/idorapark.html Take a second to think what it would be like if PKI one day had a fire sweep though it and it was destroyed. I would have to say it would be devestating, and lord knows we have some pretty valuable coasters at PKI, not to mention just the wooden coasters. I don't think it would be too pretty so The Beast or The Racer on fire or in a huge pile of dust and ashes. But could you just imagine? it really would be horrible. Though its pretty unlikely to happen, but what if it did? I wonder what Paramount would do, do you think they would close up and get outta town or do you think they would try to rebuild?
  5. i am pretty sure someone would haveto go insane to hack themself to death. i would hate to be the person to clean that mess up if the story is true... sounds just a little bloody. I know for a fact the Tower Johnny is true because i asked my grandma this morning onthe phone, ( she used to live in Cincinnati around that time, no retired in Chicago and is in love with SFGA ) but I asked her and she said the "press" went crazy to get the infomation about the accident. She believes the teenager was or had been drinking at that time, if she remembers right but don't quote on that, because she isn't quite sure if that is true or not. She does remember there being alot of fuss about it though my parents also remember there being something about it onthe news, but it was a one day thing and didn't go to into depth with it. (probably a smart move) If Johnny actually did get cut in half then that, too, would have to have been messy.....
  6. Well, I must say it is pretty interesting to read all of the posts by everyone and there thoughts about this interesting subject. its pretty cool, cool enough to make me go back and read everyones posts. I have to say I believe there is enough evidence to say Tower Johnny is true. I could see it happening but it would have to be pretty unlikely. there is a little bit of a fault in the evidence though, if he was said to be cut in half by the cables and he was just leaning over the edge and he got cut in half, that has to be false or it should be. Those cable swing alot and it those cable were that close to the stairs or railing then the cable would probably get caught alot, and i haven't heard anything of the sort happening. So he would have had to have fallen then either got cut in half by the counterweight coming down on him or having him fall down and hit something else to cut him in half. Does anyone have any info about this accident in text, cuz if they do it should be interesting. Another thing that sounds a little but gross, is that why would PKI still have the cables fromthe accident, thats gross. I sure hope that the cables are just cables from the helixs. Having a ghost at PKI isn't a good or bad thing, either way it doesn't really make a differance. It could just freak out some people and give them a cool sorta of chill. One that sounds little bit of a stretch is the Ghost of the IR, a chef hacking himself to death sounds just a little bloody.... so i don't believe that one. Anyone have anything else to say?
  7. I have done ALL of the "Behind the Scene" Tours at WDW, they host them at all four WDW parks, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom. All of these are indepth tours about the way the parks run smoothly and how everything and everyone works together as one large to team make everyday at Disney a magical one. They also go into alot of the rides and shows to really give you a good feel of how all the rides operate. One of the best parts of the tours are the "jump-aheads"( the offical Disney name) in the queues. The time does fly when touring so it is really great and interesting to see some of this stuff. Yes, these tours are pretty expensive, but well worth the money. As far as PKI goes, i honesly don't think there is too much that we don't know about the park. Maybe if there is a tour inthe morning when th maintance crews come out and a group actually walks onthe ride getting a good look at it then at the very end of the tour they get to ride the ride. That would be cool. I am sure people would do it if it was available.
  8. I know I am probably gonna get slammed left and right when I say this, but I think it would be really cool if they brought back King Cobra. The part they would be redesigning would be the cars /restaints. I really enjoyed the ride when it was here. it was a shame they took it down.
  9. That is most diffantly true temperature is not the ONLY factor, but it was the only thing that i could do pretty easily and gather "research" on. LOL
  10. Believe it or not, but weather actually decides how a coaster will "act" on that day. I find this subject fasinating, because the rides will perform differantly when the weather is hot or cold outside. There is a simple "theory", most of all found noticable on bridges, but during hot weather the bridges will "expand" and on cold weather the bridges will "contract". if you have ever looked at an over pass of anysort you will see these little areas were the bridge will be "broken" away from the main part of the roadway and there will be an area of metal " teethed" like grooves. This is to recooperate for the " expanding" and the " contracting" of the bridge. Well, coaster work the same way, esspecially with the wooden coasters. If this "theory" is correct then it explains most things rough, slow, fast and loose rides. I have put this "theory" to the test and so far it hasn't gone wrong. i have found that when the weather is cool or even cold out , most wooden coasters are slower and possibly rough due to the " contracting" of the wood and the track. When the weather is warner and maybe a little hymid, the coaster will be very quick and more rough, this is due to the "expanding" of the structiure and the track giving the train a little bit more room to move and shake around. But if you hit that perfect day right in the middle of the year when it is warm but cool at the same time your ride should be perfect. I have tested this "theory" out on both The Beast and Son of Beast. I have had to ride in the same car and in the same seat each time I rode to make sure my "research" was correct. There were a couple of weekend back last year when I had some time to go to the park and ride the coasters. It was in the middle May last year as well, partually why I am talking about this right now. during thos couple of weekends I experienced all hot, warm, cool and cold temperatures. The "theory" I talked about above took place and there was one day that I rode noth The Beast and Son of Beast during middle 60 degree days and i had the best ride of my life on both of them that day, never have experienced it since. maybe this year I will get lucky again, but now that the weather is warming up i am sure i will have to wait towards the end of the season. Don't think this is goingto keep me from riding the rides, lol NOPE! - Anyone have anything to say?
  11. Psyclone does take a little bit longer to get up to its climax, I am not sure whether that is a good thing yet or not, but Delirium is surely a more intense ride. The lighting package on Psycole on is cool, I have to admit that. It is only light sthough guys. You can tell also the Delirium is not "high tech" because of the way we do have the "Pie-Cut" floor like Shaggy said instead of the simple square dropped style. I think the colors on Delirium look better at night and day, it isn't as dark and cloomy as the gray Psyclone. The restraints on Delirium i think are some of the most comfortable inthe whole park and they are just as confotable as the Psyclone's, if not better. What else can I say, they are both excellent rides. But PKI is home to the Dilly! (Delirium)
  12. Hey thank you alot, thats all I needed to know! lol I would like to hear what you guys think of it though,
  13. LOL This is about the sign, no coasters here man or maybe i missed something
  14. I have been to PKI tonz of times but i have never been on the SkyFlier, i have been on Sling Shot and that was great, but my girlfriend and I are going to PKI pretty soon and we want to know if we sould even spend the money on the ride. It always looked fun. I would like to know what people think, and maybe the price. -Thanks
  15. Though drop zone doesn't NEED paint for a while but it sure could use some. But if they are going to paint anything, let them paint Face/Off first!! Face/Off looks sooooo bad, its does have spot where the paint is chipped off and cracked. the rides are still great of course but, it does look sorta bad....... When they do paint Drop Zone I think they should paint it exactly the same way it is right now. Racing checkers and all!
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