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  1. I was going to feel some sympathy for them until I saw Murray's reaction. I saw this linked on espn.com over the weekend (before they were asked to take it down) and thought about the phone rule instantly! I didn't know if they got special permission, or what.
  2. Haha same here. I told my girlfriend, and then was like "oh, wait..".
  3. It's not really a loose article if it's strapped to you, is it?
  4. I haven't lugged a backpack, but I'm guilty of bringing the phone, keys, wallet, sunscreen, etc.
  5. That sounds like a good plan. I'm a passholder, I just wish I could make it there more (I'm about 45 mins. away). I'm not a huge fan of cargo shorts on myself, but I may need to invest in some, haha. Does anyone use a fanny pack?
  6. I always get a locker, and have been curious about what others do.
  7. I am curious too...Vortex is the bomb!! Of course, check out my avatar.
  8. Some of these stories are ridiculous. I'm very sorry y'all had to deal with situations like these! I'm like the most chill person you'll meet, so I don't get how people can act like that...
  9. Great info, thanks a lot everyone! I'm thinking of going there for preview night...can't wait to go to the park after a long winter!
  10. I've never been to one of these; what's the crowd like?
  11. Awesome stuff! One of my favorite rides. And John Tesh talking about it...what more could I ask for?
  12. My cheap sunglasses are so tight, I think I could safely wear them on any ride in the park.
  13. Thanks! I joined just to voice my frustration with the attitudes of many people on this thread!
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