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  1. Ah! I put this together with my supervisor, thank you for taking a picture, I can't go up in the tower during work, I'm glad it turned out clean! Here are some progress pictures:
  2. I was assigned the back seat today and boy howdy, that was the roughest ride I think I've ever had on a roller coaster. It felt pretty alright on the new retracted drop, but otherwise I was ready to be done by the second tunnel before lift 2.
  3. Appreciate the feedback guys! I submitted a Playlist of projects I've been on, but havent cut an official reel which I'm now resolving (its tricky because some clients don't like the work I did for them being shared outside the official material). My biggest concern is not having the ability to resubmit any new applications like with past jobs I've had. I'm gonna work to resolve issues with a demo reel and will look into HR for future questions.
  4. Hey guys, I recently applied for a motion graphic artist position that opened at the park and this morning saw that I was reviewed and declined. In the past I've applied for other positions as well with the same result. For the current position I'm not sure if it was the result of not having a demo reel that I personally cut together or not (They requested a YouTube link for a demo reel, but I don't personally have a reel, just a playlist of projects ive been involved with). Is there a way I am able to re apply for a position like this if I do cut together a demo reel, or is there any way I can contact someone at the park to learn more about the position so that I can better fit my portfolio? (Edit: Also I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask, i checked other topics and this seemed like the right place)
  5. I've always loved the idea of Haunt Walk around characters, more characters that are special to the park like the undertaker heckler.
  6. There was a large truck parked down one team near the right most circle that night too with what looked like some wire tubes or something so that sounds about right.
  7. Little map update, this is where i saw the markers while out at work. Pretty sure its no big deal, a shuttle route of sorts would be the most major thing i would expect.
  8. Hey just wanted to update you guys, I clean the parking lot perimeter at the park and found markers all the way out across from tropical plunge down to 1 team way along the roadside. (No pictures though I like to keep my phone away at work)
  9. I love the amount or red caged lights showing up on the buildings, and the signs look great! The sculpted logos and raised text looks great, the whole area really looks to be coming together.
  10. Oh wow, i really love that Bat teaser art, never seen it before! I might take some time here and try to restore it as a poster!
  11. I just painted this Boo Blasters Poster for its 10th year at the park, and because its well, the greatest ride of all time.
  12. Agreed, worst case scenario we may see some things like future expansions pushed in date, or events being cut back (although not removed) in a bit to make up for things (Like haunt)
  13. If openings get pushed back i think its for the best. I personally would rather avoid going to the park (Or any of my planned park road trips) until i hear more positive news about the containment and control of things. While i dont see it completely going away this year, i would hope for things to start being contained after a few months. Its a hard call living just about 10 minutes from the park, but with my downtown classes being moved online and my girlfriends work preparing for working remotely i think its got the best to buckle down and be safe and keep informed.
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