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  1. Just now, FUN&ONLY! said:

    This is really making me feel like it is just going to be simple utility upgrades.

    There was a large truck parked down one team near the right most circle that night too with what looked like some wire tubes or something so that sounds about right.

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  2. Hey just wanted to update you guys, I clean the parking lot perimeter at the park and found markers all the way out across from tropical plunge down to 1 team way along the roadside. (No pictures though I like to keep my phone away at work)

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  3. If openings get pushed back i think its for the best. I personally would rather avoid going to the park (Or any of my planned park road trips) until i hear more positive news about the containment and control of things. While i dont see it completely going away this year, i would hope for things to start being contained after a few months. Its a hard call living just about 10 minutes from the park, but with my downtown classes being moved online and my girlfriends work preparing for working remotely i think its got the best to buckle down and be safe and keep informed.

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  4. Assuming that these are not the official lighting package lights (Maybe maintenance lights since you would need them to light things up safely) I think it would be really cool if there are LEDs running the lift like Fury, but instead of being a solid line the light up animated from top to bottom to create a meteor shower effect

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  5. I've seen what the cup bits look like (have seen bits from someone who has access to the site though i wont name names since i don't know if they should or not) and that's real. They just cleanly trimmed up the ends from one of the cut parts (you would just need some good cutting tools and like you said taking some time)

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  6. My girlfriend and I have stayed at a few places on our trips up this year. With budget in mind here is our current rundown in order of our favorite to least:

    Motel 6 In Milan: This one was our favorite, the price is good and the rooms seemed to be more recently renovated. They also have a working Fridge and Microwave in the rooms. (The rooms also have an interesting 60s aesthetic and hardwood floors)

    Super 8 Motel in Milan: This is across the street from the Motel 6. The rooms here were nice as well. bottom floor has a back door to the rooms too which is nice for quick loading and unloading the car. This one is about as high on the list as the Motel 6, we just like the renovations at the Motel 6 a little more. (The only downside is you will be about 20 minutes from the park in either of these first two}

    Magnuson East Sandusky: This was our first hotel we tried this year, the location is just a couple minutes from the park and the price is fair, so if distance is important this one if a little better than the first two. I think the only real issues here is that there is a bit of a strange smell you have to get used to (But hey its a hotel and thats usually normal) and the walls seemed a bit thin as we could hear our neighbors all night (But that could just be noisy neighbors) There are mixed reviews online, some mentioned bedbugs, but i inspected our rooms each time and never found any issues personally. 

    Norwalk Inn: (Farthest from the park) This was the cheapest by far, however we did not stay. Management seemed nice enough and it lookes nice on the outside, however the room we got was in pretty bad condition, dirty and pretty beat up with a non working microwave and fridge. Both my girlfriend and I didn't feel comfortable after getting there and opted for the Super 8 instead. This one was the only one under 100 a night (We were looking to save some money) but like Ding Dong said, it gets pretty dicey when you dip that low. ( we looked at a few other cheap places but also opted out) 

    Hope this helps, as you can see we had to do some experimenting to find a place and will likely go for the top 2 any time a trip comes up again unless we can find any better recommendations that are closer.

  7. Hey guys, curious is anyone knows if Carowinds sells embroidered ride patches in their gift shops like Kings Island and Cedar Point have. My Girlfriend and i might be making a trip down during october and iv'e been collecting ride patches for a coaster jacket and cant find evidence of them online anywhere. 

  8. I'm also curious if anyone has photos of old fearfest events. Theres a great "History of the Haunt" thread on here, but a lot of picture links are broken, i cant find any pictures from 2003. I believe that was the first year i went to haunt as a kid and it would be cool to see some pictures from then! 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, teenageninja said:

    I'm really disappointed that they aren't doing Route 666 or something like it with the Antique Cars.

    I feel like it may be a result of the new antiques layout being smaller making it more difficult to safely have actors around and about. I could see some decorations and pumpkins being added though 

  10. 8 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

    Can someone go up on the tower to see if the Skyhigh Coasters trailer is back on site?

    It was still in the front parking lot when I left today.

    Edit: I did not see any other trailer from WindSeeker, but the big lift hill base footer is done as well as the large triangular one. Lot of other big holes dug but they looked like they were full of rain water. 

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