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  1. I would also like to throw out some speculation on my end, I believe that the acronym TEOTWAWKI will be revealed to be different than "The end of the world as we know it" and be along the lines of "_ _ _ _ _ At Kings Island" Promoting the ride itself as part of teasing campaign, maybe through a themed "press release" from the park or Hanger 18 officials. (Maybe the ride theme keeps on with a conspiracy/cover up motif like Flight of Fear does with inviting the public to see the UFO) I'm also interested to see if we have any themeing updates to X-base, like the older lights or adding the runway
  2. Hey all, I did a quick perspective match on the picture from the WildGravity Twitter page (Available Here) All current posters line up properly with each other (FOFs poster was off by like an inch or so), and this shows the available space left.
  3. Jeni's Supermoon Ice cream is really similar (I think its mostly Columbus based but ive seen it down in Cinci). Its a Blueberry Marshmallow blend. Its a little hard to find from store to store and its also more pricey than most ice cream, but it's really good! If you are in Yellow Springs, theres a small Ice cream place that has Blueberry Ice Cream, It tastes pretty much the same (as far as i remember) Just doesn't have as much blue coloring. And as stated above, theres a local Ice cream place called Whipty-Do! That has the exact Blue Ice cream the park sells.
  4. I was riding Banshee today with 2 friends and had an unexpected experience. When the employees came to check our restraints, the guy on the right side checking my friends decided it be best to start giving "Fun facts" about the holocaust to them. The girl checking my restraint on my side looked kinda horrified/angry that he did it, and as she walked back to her post i could hear her telling another employee he was doing it frequently. Once the train got back to the station he was gone, and a large group of employees had gathered around the ride exit. Didn't catch a name since he was on th
  5. If that was the show, it seems so! But again, its hard to really remember if it was something that happened. I remember asking how he got in the chair during the show without anyone seeing but he said it was a secret. (I think there was a part in the show where some props moved around as a distraction and he was slipped in from the back) I feel like i remember a lot about the show even though i cant confirm it true or not.
  6. I'm hoping i don't have any false memories of the show, but didn't they have an audience member come on set to play the "Ghost" who was revealed to be under the chair? I was pretty young when i saw the show in person but i distinctly remember my dad actually wound up getting picked to be on stage, and upon being revealed he jumped out of the chair and scared Scooby
  7. Hey guys, got a Haunt question! Today i went in for actor auditions and after a strange interview of screaming and howling i was selected for Wold Pack. As for my question, before going in today i applied online as a makeup artist. (Im already a digital and traditional artist with practice) While i was in today i was told tomorrow there will be audition/interviews for that tomorrow. Personally i would like the makeup job more than the acting position but still would be fine as an actor. Would you recommend going in tomorrow for the makeup interview too, or sending a follow up email? Thanks for
  8. Well this is my new favorite topic on the boards.
  9. Wow that IMAscore track is astonishing when you can hear it clearly, i just wish it was clearer in the queue! Would take a custom track over funTV any day, though i also love the radio track coming from the Truck in the entrance. The theming of the ride has really grown on me
  10. On the other hand, Phil Collins In the Air tonight was released in 81 and would fit the timeline, but thats also unlikely (though would be really cool)
  11. The ride was down for a little today, i waited outside by the truck and got to hear a lot of the radio station tracks it does, i think its really cool touch to have the radio quality music and old KI advertising playing on it. Really is a bummer though to have the cool ambient music in the line being mashed up with the FunTV audio though, takes me out of the atmosphere
  12. I tried shazaming right next to a speaker with my phone up to it and it did not come back with anything. Im gonna guess on that it is a custom track for the park
  13. Saw two interesting, well poor behavior examples tonight. In line for Diamondback when a group of 3 or so jumped over the outside fence into the queue of Diamondback and in front of people. (They called for people to join but nobody did) Earlier however to which i didn't really have anything i could have done, back in The Bat line a group of kids stopped at the 2nd entrance to the ride (the first entrance/exit once getting off) One of them jumped over the railing and ran into the trees, the group turned saw me looking and ran off. the one he jumped and ran into the trees later ran back o
  14. Im wondering if they will have occasional meal plan specials like that to get people to try out other options and perhaps come back and buy them rather than meal plan the others, seems like a good idea to me.
  15. I wear medium sized round (John Lennon) Glasses and have never had any issues with them bing knocked off or even loose. The only time i was worried about losing my glasses was on Diamondback but even then i was fine. However my glasses fit fairly snug on my face. I do however have round sunglasses i wear on top of these when its bright out and i will take those off for rides because the fit loosely. (Although when placed in my pocket for Diamondback they got bent beyond repair, and when later clipped to my pocket i got off Diamondback to find they were gone so i should invest in a case for my
  16. I think it would be cool to have tome subtle prop movements before the show plays, kind of a build up to it because (to me) once it does play, it overshadows a lot of the rest. The last ride i had i sent just watching all the props which was very entertaining
  17. I don't know if anyone has had this issue as of yet, but yesterday when riding with a friend who was riding for the first time this season, the shed was having issues. The moving props still worked (it was the first time i noticed the lockers) but the screens were glitched out with the front showing the aftermath of one the whole time, and the side had half turned off, and the other was projecting another ending. (at first when we pulled in i thought there was a new one i hadn't seen)
  18. Wow, i love your breakdown of the ride, I never thought of the Queue being us exploring to woods! I really love the storytelling it can offer and that it can be a straightforward story, or something to debunk, it really adds to the whole experience. I hope that maybe over time, they adjust some of the story driven audio to make it easier to hear, i think it makes the wait to ride much more fun when you get to put together a story while waiting.
  19. Crack theory: The on ride photo says "World Premiere" Assuming that its not talking about this season being the rides premiere, what if Mystic Timbers is an 80s Horror Movie homage in the sense the Stunt Coaster is an action set? The 80s Music in the shed, the cliche monster in the woods and missing explorers who trespassed? The monster attacking in the shed is the post credits scene, a to be continued if you will for when you ride again upon hearing about different endings. (Although i personally like the first idea more)
  20. (Beware Shed Spoilers ahead) So far this season iv'e only been on Preview Day, but iv'e been taking some not of other peoples visits and experiences, and what i'm trying to do is piece together the whole story behind the ride. I recall Don mentioning that you will need to ride it multiple times to understand the shed, but the queue also has lots of story elements. Some of this may need clarification as its been a bit since i was there, and it was loud and hectic on preview day. In the end, im looking to try to solve the full mystery of the Miami River Lumber Co. The Queue -Enter
  21. Yesterday i heard I feel it Coming by the Weeknd and Daft Punk, pleasant surprise there! And International street was wonderful with all the soundtrack music
  22. This list here seems to be pretty spot on (Ben Evans on Spotify) Edit: During opening they also play a really good minimix mashup of a lot of songs as they countdown the park opening but i havent had any luck finding it.
  23. Super excited for preview day! The audio before the shed sounds great, and i love the eerie light coming out. (i bet it will look amazing at night). The only thing i'm wondering now is if being in the station will give away the shed since the big secret will be right to the side of you before boarding. Im gonna be at the part with a friend so we will have to keep distracted from the sounds and returning riders. Side note, maybe i'm just hearing things but the shed warning sounds a bit like Don
  24. Thanks Don! Will this also be utilized on other coasters this year like Diamondback since they are in the same locker region?
  25. "The taking of pictures and video while riding is strictly prohibited at Kings Island. Guests taking pictures or video while riding this attraction may be asked to leave the park with no refund and given a Misdemeanor under O.H.C. 1711.551. Thank you!" While i'm not sure if that exact wording has been used elsewhere in the park (im aware of no pictures or video on ride signs) this one seems to be much more serious. (Which is a good thing considering how often you hear guests being told on The Racer to put cameras and phones away)
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