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  1. The in station snapchat of the sign seems to show they will really be cracking down on having your camera out, glad that KI is serious business about keeping the shed secret. As for the Queue, it looks fantastic, the guard rail outside is a really cool touch and once the plants start blooming and filling out its going to look fantastic! (On the note of the lead cars having lights, it appears they are only decal lights.)
  2. I will have a hard time making a sure decision until getting some rides in, especially sone night comparisons, but The Beast has always been a fantastic ride, and will be hard to beat. Though it would be nice to have the trim breaks lightened up on a bit in some places, especially the bridge where you are nearly stopped.
  3. And on top of that, things change a lot from the drawing board to real life. Even the 3D renderings and blueprints for the station have changed once being brought to life.
  4. More Winterfest prep starting as posted by the KI twitter
  5. Two of the pages read Bridge Left Side and (?) Left side. I think they could be hints, but they dont really give much away other than, inside the shed, is well, a shed with the actual mystery still being kept secret.
  6. Im usually fine with the music but i think it needs more variety to prevent repetitiveness. Last season nearly every time i got in line for racer, the pre station FunTVs were almost always playing the nae nae, my friend and i would always joke about how it would for certain be on the TV when we got there, and more often than not it was.
  7. I was thinking it would be a possibility seeing as the doors are on sliding tracks, but the doors seem to go further down than the track, and the side rail looks attached to the doors, so probably no closing door. However it still looks like its plenty dark enough inside for whatever waits us there. Edit: It may even play into the whole day and night experience being different, I dont see any exterior lights so that will already change during the change in daylight.
  8. Ive also witnessed a sudden burst of Police one night after riding The Bat, after leaving the ride they had a few groups of people pulled aside and were asking questions. Never found out what was happening, possibly someone jumping a fence or sneaking in.
  9. I absolutley love the blue truck crashed into the signage! I hope its lights are turned on at night, that would tool amazing. It also is starting to look like the center vine on the sign is its final placement after all the updates Edit: I dont have a problem with some of the sign being covered with vine, but it doesn't feel very natural to have a perfect vertical split down the center.
  10. If anything i would imagine the station could wait till the train front is past to launch, or the ride track is a solid bridge under the track like the old train crossing to WWC so smoke doesn't fly though.
  11. Im liking the wooden fence going up in the Queue, Rivertowns going to look great with the theming going on here!
  12. It looks like the second word on the green sign is "ONE" judging by the typeface and what is showing of the second to the last letter. Maybe "KI ONE" like a street sign or address to the lumber company.
  13. Makes the Vine tunnels at WWC much more fitting too, I hope theres more vines planted around the ride area to get a true nature taking over effect!
  14. Huh, i was so used to it not being an attraction anymore, it didn't cross my mind when i looked at the map.
  15. My guess for an on ride camera would be the second drop into the reservoir, that way you can be more sure to capture riders at an exciting moment. Plus off ride, you will see the train disappear into darkness after some flashing lights
  16. Looking at the webcam now, it seems to be back.
  17. As long as they pop a santa hat on Boocifer i'm all in!
  18. Looks like a small wood platform/bridge that i'm guessing you will cross after exiting the ride from the other side of the station
  19. An alternative to TBs could be worse, gotta have that trademark flag. On a serious note, i feel like each park should embrace a unique logo for each park with another way of connecting the designs together
  20. While i was in college in Mason, i had an apartment where i could see the Nightly Fireworks each night, but not the park itself. One of my friends actually stayed in the neighborhood, right up near The Beast and contrary to myself, was not a fan of nightly fireworks .
  21. I like the idea of Drop Tower being renamed to Demon Drop, brings back some more old names like The Bat, and some more of the Supernatural theme names to Action Zone. Something occupying the old SOB station would also boost a little more traffic to The Bat area, but i don't know how likely it is with all the coater traffic in the area.
  22. ^ agreed, its been so long since ive seen the theater. I remember going to the Scooby Doo show as a kid and they had my dad go up on stage and was revealed to be the bad guy at the end He jumped out of the chair and scared Scooby (which i'm not sure was part of the act)
  23. Got back from my second Haunt last night, both times i havent gotten any rides in on The Beast as each time i check in everyone is leaving the line as it kept going down for unknow periods of time, has anyone else been in tis situation? I imagine it would be frustrating to wit in its hour long line just to be denied.
  24. Look pretty crazy, looks like i made the right choice to stay in today!
  25. Hey all, anyone have any estimates as to how the park will be tomorrow crowd wise? It sounds like it hasn't been too bad, and i'd like to get some last rides in for the season, since Haunt is in the air for me. Thanks!
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