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  1. I wish they had turned the old Crypt building into a dark ride "coaster" like the rumor was a few years ago
  2. I agree with this, 6 years is a long time without anything for the water park. I think what is most interesting to me is that the park could really upgrade or add anything in every area of the park, and it wouldn't be a surprise, except a roller coaster, of course. The park is due for water park improvements, a thrill ride, flat ride, kids ride, my personal choice would be a dark ride, but I don't make the decisions haha
  3. I'd have to imagine the next addition to the park is in Planet Snoopy, I could see it being an overhaul into Camp Snoopy or something like that. I just think that they are going to try to reclaim the "Best Children's Park" award. Also, while I don't think it will be next year, I do think a new coaster is coming sooner rather than later. I've been OOTL for a while, but, last I remember the speculation was that KI's next coaster would be a Mack Multi-launch coaster in the old Vortex spot. Either way, hopefully we don't have to wait much longer!
  4. Marketing will always find ways to hype up their product that's true, but I do think people care about the records, having the "big three" records would make the giga a huge draw worldwide. If Kings Island comes out with just a standard giga coaster, just to say theres one at ki, then those people not in the Kings Island area won't circle Kings Island as a "must see" kinda trip. So to us that have passes and such it may not mean as much, but it would mean a lot to the guy in California that was considering not going to Kings Island that year cause its "out of the way" or something. And besides KI is our home track we should want it to have the best of the best lol, lets just have some fun y'all and not be uptight.
  5. With the amount of land and resources Kings Island will have for a giga coaster... it will break at least one world record, a lot of reddit enthusiasts think the coaster could have a 400ft drop!
  6. Theming is all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day a terrain coaster has more theming by default than a parking lot coaster like Fury 325 so I say spend the money on getting us a record breaking coaster.
  7. PSA for those of you like myself who are out of the market for WHIO Radio, you can get the station on iheartradio.
  8. I think the new coaster should be fun to ride
  9. I don't know about a madhouse dark ride, but I remember a couple years ago when everyone thought we would get a Triotech ride, I could still see that coming.
  10. Personally I think it will beat Fury in most stats, with the use of the terrain and all the resources the park has, when we get the giga it should be the best one in the world. Just for reference, Fury stats: Height- 325ft Drop-320ft Length-6,602ft Speed-95mph Ours should have a bigger drop, be longer, and have a higher max speed than Fury, given the terrain and money that Kings Island has probably saved for this ride.
  11. I mean....what did she expect? "Welcome to haunt! Where thrills and magic collide!"
  12. I love this, but I must say I'm on team keep the fountains.
  13. Does anyone know whatever happened to these guys? Its been a couple years since I last saw anything about them. https://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-flat-rides-20150806-story.html
  14. I think he got on wikipedia and skimmed through the page for his "facts"
  15. Are environmental regulations really that hard and costly to follow?
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