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  1. I mean....what did she expect? "Welcome to haunt! Where thrills and magic collide!"
  2. I love this, but I must say I'm on team keep the fountains.
  3. Does anyone know whatever happened to these guys? Its been a couple years since I last saw anything about them. https://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-flat-rides-20150806-story.html
  4. I think he got on wikipedia and skimmed through the page for his "facts"
  5. Are environmental regulations really that hard and costly to follow?
  6. I never said it was my favorite, I just said that it was one of my favorites. Thats mostly because I love the history of the park.
  7. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I love the visible green on Firehawk, its makes me think of Geagua Lake and,while I've never been there, that is one of my favorite parks.
  8. If Kings Island is $500! Who knows what Cedar Point's Fast Lane Plus is gonna be.
  9. I don't think that Kings Island will add anything to the park that will cost them to much money after getting mystic timbers, as much as I want a triotech dark ride in the old Tomb Raider building, I do however think that the park will add a new restaurant like rhyano said. That or a Mass Effect ride or a Plants vs. Zombies ride in the old action theater location.
  10. 1. The day they announced Mystic Timbers 2. Dodgem cars 3. Yes, Radioactive 4. Yes! 5. Knowing that the park isn't giving joy to anyone. 6. Animatronics or a drop.
  11. There is no doubt in my mind that Kings Island will get a giga coaster. I think its going to come for the 50th anniversary of the park.
  12. Another game is theme park studio, but that is a pretty hard game.
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