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  1. Hopefully with less fights then last time. I know wishful thinking, but decoding 2017 was a great patience tester. Hopefully not as many "if its not a cowboy coaster my husband and I will be cancelling our season passes." "It's gotta be ___ they are the latest trend!!"
  2. They do still have the land behind Banshee which would make it look like a rather drawn out I305 shape,if the Firehawk station is used and it goes out towards the river. But in theory it is usable and cleared already.
  3. While I would be very excited for a giga, I personally would love to see a Mack terrain/launch coaster like Helix. I think it would be a very cool area for a low to the ground launcher with some inversions. But I think no matter what goes in it will be good, they have put in 3 great top tier rides in a row. I'm very confident that they will make a good choice and make an amazing ride.
  4. All the coasters you mentioned above that didn't age started with PTC's instead of the new flyers. The PTC's did do a number on the track that the new flyers just can't remedy for those rides, they simply weren't designed for the coasters. I think every coaster that started off with the Flyers has aged well except for Apocalypse which lets face it year round ops and SF owning it doesn't help. I think eventually MT will have a little bit of bite to it but KI definitely knows how to take care of their woodies and I think it will be a great ride for years to come.
  5. Not to mention that King's Island has done some 360 pov's so you can actually just pull up a video and rotate it to where you want to show people. If I do keep my phone on my person it is always in pockets with either zippers or multiple buttons, I have seen enough horror stories from El Toro. As for MT, the pov tease that we saw made me even more excited, possibly the smoothest wood coaster I have ever seen, plus it looks like the forces are gonna be great.
  6. See I originally thought it would be Invadr simply because Norse music would add to the theme and BGW could very easily go that extra step, BUT I also did not expect nearly as good of theming on Mystic Timbers so now I am kinda curious. I would love to have a special queue music for Mystic Timbers maybe a fantasy forest style of music, the occasional animal some crickets wind all of that can be amazing. Also it is a while away, but Haunt with Mystic Timbers is going to be amazing with the Fog and just the overall back woods feel. Even the entrance will be Crazy just in the dark with some fog rolling around.
  7. This actually looks amazing, at most I thought we would see something like Banshee's queue but I am very pleasantly surprised. MT has everything going for it right now to me: good ride,great theming, surprise twist, and adds something completely different to the park. I think we got ourselves a home run with this addition, KI does it again.
  8. I believe Don? at the announcement for Mystic Timbers said that they had started planning MT since Prowler beat out Diamondback for best new ride in 2009. Obviously it depends on each ride based on size,location,terrain,theming but I would guess each coaster is in the works for at least 3 years before announcement.
  9. We got our first look at the sign. I think with enough vines it could look pretty good, but it is definitely different then what I thought we would see.
  10. Also in the test run video does the lead car look like a red truck to anyone else or is that just me?
  11. Just to throw in my 2 cents. I think a Giga would best work in the DA area without removing anything, not huge on the Gigasaur name but wouldn't freak out if it was that. The other place I could kinda see it being is if they removed/moved Invertigo and congo falls and put it toward the front, I doubt they will cause 1 it would ruin the skyline and 2 it means the removal of rides that don't need to be removed. As for the mention to a multi launch I personally think either the land behind Beast or The Vortex plot would make for a great area to put in a low winding launch coaster. The one other crazy idea I would kinda love to see yet not at the same time is: AE is removed,don't crucify me yet, for a multi launch that would dip in and out of the area, after seeing Taron I would love to see even a fraction of the themeing it has to help out Oktoberfest. Plus you could easily find a good name from the german mythology if you wanna stick with that.
  12. I really feel these are gonna be the next Vekoma Boomerangs, small compact layouts that are fairly cheap compared to other rides. I didn't find Tempesto to be anything too amazing but it will certainly help SWSD out.
  13. They had mentioned this is was being proposed since Prowler beat Diamondback for best new ride of 2009, so I imagine that they were pretty set on GCI from the beginning. I'm actually pretty happy with GCI, they are great traditional wood coasters and often are much more intense then people would think just by looking at stats. Edit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BN2HEvuh4D-/?taken-by=kingsislandpr for a pic of a WWC crossing.
  14. I mean I knew GG made some intense coasters but a literal head chopper might be where I draw the line.
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