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  1. The only thing I wish CF/KI would do that Paramount did was repaint the coasters/rides every other year. Without it, the rides look more carnival grade than "world-class". There could be a reason to it but if not, they should consider doing it again. It kept the park looking fresh and new, year after year.
  2. Eerie connection: Could Outpost 5 be a reference to the ranger post 5 located near the mauling?
  3. There has been much activity where SOB used to be. I've been watching the webcam daily. It's cool seeing the trucks haul out Firehawk too.
  4. What about a strata stand-up coaster? Maybe with Banshee style restraints and something a little better than a bicycle seat.
  5. The design on the coffee box looks like one of those"lay your phone flat to see the message" things.
  6. I-spy a bobcat, flatbed truck, and a dump truck. All working near the old S.O.B station. My first thought was they're being used for the Winterfest teardown but why the bobcat? Am I crazy or is there some grading happening next to the dark maze building? ( Bobcat is in between the two trucks near The Bat exit) Does anyone know what's officially going on here?
  7. My guess is the removal of eXtreme Skyflyer. They could be using this space for the B&M, if they use the old S.O.B. station. Kind of how millennium force does at the end. Or even a splashdown like Diamondback.
  8. My guess is that they are planning a sob remake but will announce The Racer updates as a deflection ( backwards, lights, vr?). It's way too early unless the remake is going to be huge.
  9. Well, it looks like we were on to something! https://www.journal-news.com/entertainment/attractions/kings-island-bringing-back-son-beast-roller-coaster-enthusiasts-speculate-park-announcement/VkjbaSeoh6lmu2HHczxhLM/
  10. They are clearing out a bunch of space behind Banshee. It might not be related but interesting to see. Check it out! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/live-video
  11. If they are using the old s.o.b. station, I wonder how long they'll keep the Banshee webcam up.
  12. The upside-down 5 could possibly be an "S" for Son. It'll be interesting to see if they put a clever "O" and "B" on the following posters/teasers.
  13. I apologize and I've corrected the error.
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