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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. This is NOT an Intamin ride. The article was wrong. The rafts were built by Master Glass. I have not seen any other information which confirms who did the rest of the design. There is a lot of custom rapids rides; VF's is from Barr, SDC's was an in-house project, etc. Lost River can have significant problems if it loses the water pumps in either a failure or an E-stop, in that case literally every Maintenance worker has to run over there. They are dangerous by nature to a certain degree, but ultimately good "supervision" should nullify any risk. Either way very very sad news.
  2. I can tell you the River Valley Railroad at Valleyfair was a Crown Metal; diesel-hydraulic hydro static drive; the "boiler" housed the tank for the air brakes... Kind-of a pile of... metal.
  3. That's not very illuminating...
  4. As a Mystie, I can honestly believe there is going to be some fan overlap. You might have just guessed what's in the shed- a really bad, cheap movie. Manos: Hands of Fate.
  5. The Cedar Fair "Chefs" are for events, not for the typical food service. I have been to a catering "testing" event. They get fancy, but most companies just get hot dogs...
  6. I hope this kicks up a healthy re-theme of the Rivertown area; RFYLCB, theme the box or something, and a better train "experience." Really all could be doable over the next several seasons. Very glad to see it will have 3 trains, Renegade has a bit of a line issue on the several days of Minnesota summer. Ultimately it reminds me of the air-time hills 1 and 3 on Renegade, should be a blast.
  7. My guess is that it is less mechanical and more theatrical in nature, if you get my drift. GCI doesn't know because it isn't their department.
  8. Not that I am leaning one way or the other; but seeing RMC with KI is pretty much the same thing as seeing someone talking with a tire salesman at Burger King. It's sales, KI is going to get quotes and ideas from a whole multitude of companies. Only when it is announced will it be definitive.
  9. I don't normally pound, but when I do it's #TeamNewHauntMaze2017
  10. I am not an Invert or B&M fanboy, but when it comes to maintenance, design, and support of B&M's no one comes even close. I have first hand experience on B&M's, they are awesome. Safety-wise, engineering-wise.
  11. If this is a small gci I feel for the public relations team for the park. Hyping a coaster since the Waterpark announcement last year and it turn out to be a small run of the mill wood coaster. Run-of-the-mill only in that it may be wooden built with milled boards... A Go-Gator is run-of-the-mill, not a custom project.
  12. Wouldn't that reference need to be public, as well? I mean, plans filed with a governmental body are usually in order to get permits to build. That body would need to be able to interpret the plans (including all of the references) in order to issue the permit. I reserve the right to be 1000000000% wrong on that. edit: sorry for the crappy edit job on the quote, was just trying to save space It's possible, but may be on one of the "hidden" pages or omitted because it's not necessary for the permit.
  13. I will take you up on that. Except I will do it in a completely different method. We know these coordinates are feet from a specific point, which I do not know what that point is, based on another page of the blueprints these coordinates are Kings Island Park Coordinates so you need the origin to plot them correctly. Except two points form a line and to get that we do not need to know the origin. N1 is N 2932.64 and E 4292.23 N3 is N 2900.68 and E 4305.20 That means point N3 is 31.96 feet south and 12.97 feet east of N1. Using basic geometry that means the inverse tangent of 12.
  14. Who's to say rocky Mountain declined to change some boards on that ghoster coaster @ knotts berry farm. I think more money would be in projects where you completely renovate a ride or build one from scratch? I would actually beg to differ, refurbishing is less of a planning & hours investment than a ground-up attraction; not to mention they probably have a maintenance contract of some source from here-on-out. Granted it's all about what Knott's actually paid for it, but with a refurb. there is less initial infrastructure; much easier to quote accurately.
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