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  1. For anyone who has ice skated on the fountain already... I went ahead and got my time slot tickets online so they wouldn't sell out but do you HAVE to get there at the beginning of the session time or can you come half way into it. I don't want to skate the whole 90 min. Also I'm bringing a friend the online ticket "deal" was a wash once they added the service charge in so I decided to purchase at the gate. At any point during the night do they discount tickets. Like after 8 or 9pm or is it still full price all night? Any help or input is appreciated thanks!
  2. Someone on FB said today is the last day for carriage rides. I was looking forward to finally doing that tomorrow (new years eve). Along with the International buffet not happening tomorrow the list of things I was hoping to do is drastically going down. I wish they had a later ice skating time slot as well. Hopefully most of the restaurants and shops stay open later than 10 because I fear there wont be much to do from 10 - midnight now.
  3. Which would be why they aren't having the buffet that night ugh I really wanted to try it!
  4. ^^ Ugh we were in a long line there (around 7) and didn't see it on the menu and everyone was only getting funnel cakes so we got out of line and left and went to the turkey leg stand and they were sold out lol
  5. Went last night for 3 hours. The main thing I wanted that I loved from last year was the cinnamon bread and the hot apple cider. Neither of which were available I asked multiple people and all they really could say was they ran out or didn't have the stuff to make it. No one seemed to know if other places in the park had it. Last year the only place I could find the apple cider was the shop with the fudge on IS. Cafe Noel had the cinnamon bread last year but this year the website lists the funnel cake stand in Rivertown (they didnt even have it listed on menu) and the turkey leg shop on IS (they were sold out). We did try the bacon on a stick and I was surprised how huge it was.... that was great!
  6. Both times I went last year that happened to me. I'm going on New Years and that night is "greyed" out so idk if they not having it or its bought out again
  7. ^^ Awesome yes thanks so much! At least this year you can't buy the buffet online so maybe its less likely to sell out. Planning on going tomrrow or next sunday. I assume the bring a friend tickets can be purchased at the gate not just online? Online doesnt really say. And can you get into International Street shops early at 430 on Sunday's also?
  8. I went to Winterfest twice last year and both times the buffet was sold out online due to a company buyout so never got to try. Anyone who has had both the International Street Restaurant Buffet and the new one at Reds is it the same food? I don't have a dining plan so if I'm paying $25 I'd at least rather have the view from the International Street Restaurant lol.
  9. There are 2 buffets this year according to the website. They still have the International Street Restaurant Buffet too. Looks like you can't buy ahead online anymore. International Restaurant Enjoy a winter feast crafted by the Kings Island culinary team! Dine on seasonal delights while overlooking the stunning view of International Street and Snow Flake Lake. Dining Plans are not accepted at this location. Tickets can be purchased at the International Restaurant on the day of your visit. Limited availability.
  10. ^^ I saw that too and I bet they use that same technology to do a New Years Eve Countdown...... I sure hope so anyways!
  11. I hope they get it up and running sometime today for all the people that made a special trip today for their last rides. It was broke down when we arrived last night about 6pm. Later the app said "0 Min Wait" we headed over and an employee said it was about an hour. Being my last chance to ride we waited and luckily it ended up only being about 30 min. This was around 7-8pm. Thankful to have got my last ride in since it was always one of my favorite rides. #RestInPieces
  12. Awesome thanks somehow I go pretty often and have never noticed them lol
  13. I googled but didn't want to bump a super old thread from 2014, are there still any smashed / elongated penny machines left at the park? I know they used to have a ton most of which seem to have been removed. It's all my friend wants as a souvenir...
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