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  1. First sentence of the third paragraph: "Tickets for this roller coaster event are limited[.]"
  2. The "Roller Ghoster" episode of Ghost Hunters filmed at Kings Island first aired 10 years ago today! I remember it was a huge deal at school when it came out. Still a pretty entertaining watch today...and it certainly has some nice shots of the park in the 2011-12 off-season.
  3. The budget was $31 million. Yes, they had to work within it, but they had enough money to do what you said. Like I said, it was a choice. The length is because they thought that this layout proposal had the best pacing. You might think it's dumb, but that is the reasoning. Why should I believe it? Because I sat across a table from Mike Koontz and was looking him in the eyes when he was telling me this. It lines up with his vision for the park. It was corroborated by other people I interviewed. And why do you think they would lie about this and not anything else I talked about in the book? People can misremember...but I do not believe any of the people I interviewed lied to me. I do believe that people should feel however they want to about stuff that gets built, but the notion that Cedar Fair is purposely making Kings Island worse off or that they purposely cheapened out on Orion just isn't supported by any known facts. The management teams at both the park and corporate levels adore Kings Island, its history, and its legacy, and are committed to investing into the park and making it the best it can be. I just wish that love had translated into the 50th Anniversary logo!
  4. Orion being "scaled down" was Kings Island's choice. They wanted a giga, but they also wanted a ride that people of all ages would be able to ride over and over again comfortably. It had nothing to do with Cedar Point.
  5. You might think it sounds ridiculous, but it is the reason why it was removed according to Mike Foley, who was the one who made the decision to remove it.
  6. The curbs were not removed because they were a tripping hazard. They were removed because they acted as a barrier in the minds of guests, and prevented them from entering the stores and restaurants. And so they did not return in 2019. But lots of other great aspects of International Street did. Just because they didn't bring the curbs back doesn't mean the redo was a bust like you suggest. It's certainly one of the best projects the park has ever done.
  7. Today’s the day! See you at KI Collections from 6-7 pm for the exciting book signing event for Kings Island: A Ride Through Time!
  8. That means a lot to me! Thank you for checking it out. Enjoy the rest of it!
  9. Looking for the perfect Christmas present? I will be doing a special book signing event at Kings Island on Monday, December 20th. See you there from 6-7 pm at the KI Collections gift shop.
  10. The worst bathroom in the park is easily the one in the Festhaus. But none of the bathrooms at Kings Island hold a candle to the one at Cedar Point next to Raptor... pfooey!
  11. Great episode, and great choice of a guest! Tyler was kind enough to proofread my book. His eye for detail and quality is unmatched, and greatly appreciated by all readers!
  12. I noticed when I went on Saturday that the Fast Lane booth on International Street has been repainted! It looks great!
  13. I still really don’t like the logo and especially how it looks on the merch, but the window display sure is great!!
  14. You’re talking about a different park under a different GM than Kings Island, I don’t think Kings Dominion in 2014 is really comparable to decisions made at Kings Island in 2021.
  15. Woodstock Whirlybirds opened in 1998 as Yogi's Sky Tours.
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