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  1. Sounds like some great changes and additions! Snake River Expedition sounds very intriguing.
  2. To add to that, Walt Davis (Kings Island's maintenance and construction director 1978-1982 and operations director 1982-1984) was the vice president of the American branch of Togo. The last coaster he had a hand in was the Manhattan Express/Big Apple Coaster.
  3. Yes, I agree. I believe it would have been a dark ride/coaster hybrid.
  4. The area behind the counter and the counter itself is gutted. I would say there will be something interesting in there, especially since it will be used as the entrance.
  5. This is a great story and it’s one I used to love, but it’s not true. Everyone always points out that Anthony Esparza worked at both Paramount Parks and Herschend when they did Mystery Mine. In reality, Addams Family was developed after Esparza had left the company.
  6. “Height clearance needed to be increased through that pathway for future expansion opportunities,” according to one of the main people behind the change. That’s all the info I have.
  7. It was removed to increase the height clearance.
  8. The forwards side’s hill was removed prior to the 1996 season. The hill on the backwards side was removed after the 1996 season. The modification was done in-house, so they had limited staff and time to work with, so they were removed at different times.
  9. The reason why was to increase the height clearance.
  10. It has long been said that the hill was removed to create the path to Flight of Fear. That path had been there for a while for maintenance, the reason the bunny hills were removed was to increase the height clearance due to the increase in pedestrian traffic. I'm not an expert in OSHA laws or anything, so I'm not sure if that was required by law/necessary or not. I do know that I, too, would like it back!
  11. Yes, there was a building labeled “Quonset building” and “prop building” on the blueprints, and you can see it on the virtual POV. I haven’t heard anything more specific about it, but I do know generally speaking the ride will be pretty heavily themed.
  12. The “extended queue” in your post will be the ride photo booth for Orion.
  13. The ACE event was fantastic! The construction tour and presentations were great. My presentation went extremely well. Here is the book trailer that I debuted today.
  14. I can't say I've been a fan of a lot of stuff Disney Parks have been adding lately. This, though, is absolutely incredible. The videos are jaw-dropping; I can't imagine what it would be like in person!
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