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  1. These are definitely a serve.
  2. I’m not surprised that Candymonium was ranked above Orion—Hersheypark just hosted an ACE event earlier this year. But it’s very surprising and unfortunate to me that Orion was all the way at fifth on the New Coasters list; that’s the lowest any of Kings Island’s coasters have placed on the New Ride list under Cedar Fair (not counting Firehawk). Orion didn’t even crack the Top 25 Steel Coasters list. Also, I was really surprised that the 150th Show at Cedar Point was fifth on the Top Show list. I was really surprised by how great that show was, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen at an amusement park. Are the shows at Fiesta Texas really that good?
  3. Join me at 7 pm this evening at the link below for a special IAAPA presentation and livestream, Pages of Attraction. You won’t want to miss it! https://www.facebook.com/IAAPAHQ/
  4. Great news for all Cedar Fair Merchandise employees. Going cashless at Kings Island is the best thing that has happened to Merchandise while I've been working there.
  5. Great news! I have been so happy with the amount of things that have been repainted over the past few years, and the things that continue to be repainted. A lot of this is thanks to Tim Fisher, Cedar Fair's COO, who has really been pushing "plant integrity"--repainting everything, relandscaping everything, just really making sure all the parks look as nice as possible.
  6. I don't know about Kings Dominion, but there was an exclusivity clause B&M had with Cedar Point. Kings Island tried to build a B&M in the late '90's and even had Walter Bolliger come out to walk the land, but the Cedar Point exclusivity clause prevented that coaster from being built. Coincidentally, this was the same spot that Diamondback would end up going into. I realize this is probably old news since I mentioned it in Kings Island: A Ride Through Time, but hey, it's an interesting story worth repeating!
  7. Looks like Cedar Fair itself has leaked Kings Dominion’s Free Spin! Still half an hour before Kings Dominion’s announcement.
  8. Yes, the event is called Big Bash for a reason! Ha ha. There was a DJ/dance area under those lights. The theme this year was Grand Carnivale—they do a different theme every year.
  9. That was from an associate event last night.
  10. Orion was a $31 million coaster. Like I said, you should really check out the book, I think you would greatly enjoy it!
  11. The announcement event was super cool, too:
  12. It was redesigned from scratch. The layout we have is 100% a Kings Island layout.
  13. It was a $31 million budget. You should really read Kings Island: A Ride Through Time. I think you would find it enlightening!
  14. Great, great, great news!! The plaza and Shed music are both back at Mystic Timbers! Unfortunately, still no music in Orion’s station and locker area.
  15. King Cobra was painted on-site, as was The Bat. There are some great construction photos of both rides here: https://www.rivershorecreative.com/kingsislandphotos
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