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  1. Yes, there was a building labeled “Quonset building” and “prop building” on the blueprints, and you can see it on the virtual POV. I haven’t heard anything more specific about it, but I do know generally speaking the ride will be pretty heavily themed.
  2. The “extended queue” in your post will be the ride photo booth for Orion.
  3. The ACE event was fantastic! The construction tour and presentations were great. My presentation went extremely well. Here is the book trailer that I debuted today.
  4. I can't say I've been a fan of a lot of stuff Disney Parks have been adding lately. This, though, is absolutely incredible. The videos are jaw-dropping; I can't imagine what it would be like in person!
  5. I will be doing a presentation on Kings Island: A Ride Through Time for the ACE Holiday Party at Great Wolf Lodge on December 7. As part of the presentation, I will show the official book trailer!
  6. The one disappointment I do have is the flags are gone from the International Street buildings. Why was it necessary to remove them? I was so happy to have them back over the summer and now they’re gone again. So sad to see one of the “three Fs” of Gary Wachs removed yet again. At least temporarily replace them with the old green and red striped ones and not just remove them altogether.
  7. I appreciate the park made the extra effort to add the lighted frames back instead of just leaving the rink empty like at Kings Dominion and now, Canada's Wonderland. Overall, I do prefer the pedestals during Winterfest and the fountain sans pedestals during the main season.
  8. I noticed last night the ride safety sign has been removed.
  9. A couple things to note from the Weatherbug camera: They have been adding the lighted frames formerly on the pedestals to the Royal Fountain this morning. The flags on the buildings were taken down and have not been replaced. There are new lighted snowflakes on the side of the German Building facing the front gate.
  10. I’m just saying that’s what happened in this particular case.
  11. Practical, engineering aspects come before theming. The theming was done around the completed design of the ride.
  12. Dennis Speigel was not with the company at the time of the development and construction of Adventure Express. Both Jeff Gramke and Bill Ossim have told me the reason why it ends with a lift hill, but again, that is something I’m saving for my book. Thanks @Gordon Bombay for linking my article! You are correct. John McCann was killed in Section 2, which was the internal name for the lion section. Post 5 was a guard tower, I believe.
  13. I think it might have been, but the article I read really did not go into a lot of detail about his work.
  14. There are a couple of interesting Kings Island connections. The Beach was the brainchild of Walt Davis, a top Kings Island executive from 1978-1984, who wanted to...well, that’s a story I’m saving for my book. Additionally, the general manager of The Beach for many years was the sister of Dean Nahrup, who was Kings Island’s general manager from 1988-1992. Many of the slides at The Beach were built by Nahrup’s father, Walter.
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