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  1. By very, very initial, then yes. But initial discussions for a GCI wooden coaster began in 2015. Initial discussions for a B&M invert began in 2012, etc. There is a difference between the five year plan and "actual" planning for a project.
  2. I just received a copy of what will be the forward to Kings Island: A Ride Through Time. This is going to be one very special book.
  3. American Financial Corporation was very hands-off when it came to Kings Island. They pretty much let management at the park "do their thing." Everyone I've talked to who was in management at Kings Island at the time had very good things to say about working under AFC and Lindner's ownership.
  4. 5 year plans are very vague and allow a lot of flexibility. Actual planning for major coasters, etc. does not typically begin at Kings Island until 2 years before its intended opening season.
  5. Carl Lindner purchased Taft, which had a 1/3 stake in KECO. Lindner wanted to buy/be a corporate partner in Kings Entertainment Company. Lindner and Nelson Schwab got into quite an argument, one that was settled by selling Kings Island to Lindner with the stipulation KECO would retain a management contract on the park.
  6. Carl Lindner never owned KECO, as the video claims. He owned Kings Island and retained Kings Entertainment Company on a management contract for just that park.
  7. Yes, it is a two-year process, at least for Kings Island. Planning for Diamondback began in 2007, Banshee in 2012, Mystic Timbers in 2015, Orion in 2018. It’s been that way for a while. True development on The Beast didn’t begin until 1977. Sometimes it does take longer (Son of Beast was green lit in 1997), sometimes the process is shorter (planning for Firehawk began October 2006).
  8. This is absolutely true. The date was confirmed to me by Mike Koontz during my second interview with him 10/13/2019. Planning at Kings Island typically begins two years before the attraction opens.
  9. The decision to remove Firehawk was made mid-summer 2018. Planning for Orion began in June of 2018 and the Firehawk site was selected not long after.
  10. Obliterating the station is sad, but I wouldn’t really say there is a systematic removal of the park’s history going on. Have we forgotten last season already?
  11. They really should have had Gary Wachs come in to talk about it instead of Chad Showalter.
  12. Adventure Express is a remnant too. It was part of Wild Animal Habitat/Adventure Village. It wasn’t considered an Oktoberfest ride until 2000.
  13. But I thought we were not allowed to question certain Almighty Users on here?!
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