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  1. KIghostguy

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Or, conversely, if 10/28 is the final day of operation for the ride, this would be confirmation that it is a coaster.
  2. KIghostguy

    Haunt Expectations

    Probably staffing. There were three Scare Actors in the whole Backwoods Bayou maze when I went through last year.
  3. New blog post is up. A document in photos of an area that will look very different next year. http://kingsislandghosts.blogspot.com/2018/09/a-changing-landscape.html
  4. I really enjoyed Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach; this looks to be even better! I have never been to Carowinds...next year might change that!
  5. KIghostguy

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    The Rivertown side was called the Ohio Overland Auto Livery and the Coney Mall side was Les Taxis. The Auto Livery closed in 1997 or 1998 (I have heard differing dates). I am not sure why one side closed several years before the other side. There was no announcement or article that ran in any area newspapers when it closed.
  6. There are buildings “off the beaten track” that are used for mazes—see Blackout, Slaughterhouse, etc. The Crypt building and the former arcade are very large, very prominent buildings located right on the main midway that are essentially abandoned. If you had never been to Kings Island before, what would your impression be of the park with giant vacant buildings rotting away on the main midways?
  7. That's disappointing. It is such a large, prominently placed eyesore that is abandoned for most of the year.
  8. KIghostguy

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    I’m not sure if the park wants to answer this, but are there plans to give Coney Mall, Oktoberfest and Action Zone themed music a la International Street and Rivertown?
  9. Isn’t Woodstock Gliders on the same scale as the Flying Eagles? Unlike the carousel, one isn’t a miniaturized version of the other.
  10. We already have them back. Having two sets of gliders in the park would be redundant.
  11. KIghostguy

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    Coney Mall has been the park’s ghetto for years now, so I am very glad it is getting the love it deserves this season and the next. I know everyone wants it to be more 70’s retro theming a la the Gemini Midway, but I don’t think it would fit. Coney Mall represents an amusement park at the turn-of-the-century, not 1972.
  12. KIghostguy

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    It was used for the associate party this past Tuesday. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been moved.
  13. KIghostguy

    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    In addition to vandalism, if the children were sitting/lying on the ground, that would be a tripping and safety hazard.
  14. KIghostguy

    Kings Island instrumental music 2018

    I think that calliope/carousel organ music would fit Coney Mall much better than ‘70’s music.
  15. KIghostguy

    Eiffel Tower Antenna