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  1. I don’t know, Outback is probably the last thing I think of when I think “pioneer Cincinnati.”
  2. I appreciate the time and effort that went into this. However, clicking the topics on the right-hand sidebar no longer brings you to the newest/first unread post. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. It was Winterfest from 1982-1992, WinterFest in 2005, and WinterFest from 2017-present.
  4. That’s the reason given by one of the people behind the change. The modification was done in-house by Kings Island staff, which forced the change to span two off-seasons.
  5. No, that path already existed (albeit used for maintenance and not guest access). They removed the two hills to increase the height clearance on that path.
  6. Same thing with Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. No one questions that that ride is a hyper. Yet lots of people question Orion's designation. It doesn't make much sense in my opinion! Also, no one questions that Yukon Striker is the world's tallest dive coaster--a record that's broken by the drop, not the lift hill height.
  7. "Cedar Fair defined what a giga coaster is. The coaster enthusiasts did not define that. Cedar Fair defined a giga coaster as being either a height or a drop of at least 300 feet, and it [Orion] meets that definition."--Mike Koontz
  8. Yes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading the inside story on how Diamondback came to be!
  9. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check them out!
  10. Definitely Banshee. Think of some eerie organ music in the station!
  11. Is this going to be for a new show?
  12. The standard retail price would have been $17.95 for a physical copy. However, that deal fell through, so I’m not sure what it will end up being. I will say that there are several parties that are currently interested.
  13. I’m not sure, all I was told was that two trains would be sent to Carowinds and one train to Canada’s Wonderland.
  14. Thank you for the sympaththy. I'll keep everyone posted once there are more developments.
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