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  1. Phantom Theater was under Great American Financial Company/Kings Entertainment Company.
  2. Then walk through Rivertown.
  3. Nothing says “frontier Ohio settlement” like Tomb Raider...or “African village” like Top Gun...or “turn of the century amusement park” like The Italian Job. Better theming? Please. They were very good at making thematic messes.
  4. Firehawk’s queue will be tied to the Flight of Fear queue. You will enter the giga’s queue through the Firehawk photo booth. Why waste two perfectly good structures?
  5. Looking at my own set of blueprints, the black dots on the lift are the egress lighting. Are the black dashes line lighting a la Fury? At first I thought it was the chain but this print shows electrical detail for the lift.
  6. It’s worth noting that in the time since the last teasers for a coaster at Kings Island, we have gotten a new general manager, a new communications director, and even a new CEO. What happened three years ago is not necessarily what will happen this year.
  7. Jane Cooper was obsessed with prototype rides. You can thank her for us getting Face/Off, Son of Beast and Tomb Raider: The Ride, and no B&Ms, etc.
  8. The teasing for Diamondback didn’t start until July 4, and that construction was in the middle of the park!
  9. The Indiana Jones music played all the way up until FunTV was installed. I think that was 2014 or ‘13.
  10. I noticed yesterday the Spanish and Italian flags were replaced.
  11. It’s a crying shame that the Spanish and Italian flags on the buildings have been replaced by the generic Carnivale flags. Why? Aren’t the banners enough? And the tacky giant masks on the Swiss Building? Blegh. Italian bunting on the Spanish Building? Really? I get that it’s close to the Italian section, but they could have kept the Italian decor on its own building. Enjoyed the parade, but why does the decoration have to mostly detract from the buildings, not add to them?
  12. Steel Vengeance has been having a ton of issues. It isn’t even opening until after noon every day now. I would love for Cedar Fair to work more with RMC, but since Steel Vengeance has not really pulled large numbers and has been beset with problems, I would honestly be surprised to see Cedar Fair work with them again.
  13. I have it confirmed by Mike Koontz that Firehawk’s trains are incompatible with Nighthawk.
  14. The building was painted green about 10 years ago and repainted a lighter shade of green for this year. I believe that the bronze has oxidized and turned more green.
  15. Will you need to consult your husband about that?
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