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  1. I went back and forth over whether or not to do a section on COVID, and ultimately I decided not to. It's still an ongoing situation, so I feel that writing a section about it and its impact would be premature. Additionally, I want to end the book on a positive note. Right now, the narrative ends with Orion's opening, and that's what I want the book to end on, not on COVID. There will be a portion within the Orion section talking about how coronavirus impacted the construction and opening of Orion, but there will not be a dedicated COVID section in the book.
  2. Yes, next spring just works better. I think it's better to use this time to add more to it, rather than try to rush it out before the end of the season or Christmas. Plus, I don't think people are in the mood to buy a Kings Island book right now with everything going on. At least by the spring, the presidential election will be over!
  3. We don’t have anything finalized since I just signed the contract, but we certainly want this sold in bookstores, the park, etc. I know that the book will be sold in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.
  4. I can’t wait for everyone to read Kings Island: A Ride Through Time in spring 2021, when it will be published by Rivershore Creative! The book is moving full-steam ahead once again now that I have a contract signed with the new publisher. I promise that the wait will be worth it, as I’ve been spending this time filling the book with more content, more interviews, and more incredible stories.
  5. This problem is on both Safari (mobile) and Chrome (computer).
  6. Ever since the most recent update, there has been an issue with the Topics area on both my phone and computer. Before the update, each unread topic would have a bold title, and clicking on it would take you directly to the first unread post. Ever since the update, none of the titles are bolded and clicking on it leads to the first post on the first page.
  7. Bring back the waterfall in Tower Gardens!
  8. I did the tasting card today and it was fantastic. Generally good portions for "tastings" and I thought that $30 for six items is a fine deal. All the items I tried were really good, but my favorite would have to be the French Quarter Poutine. Delicious and very rich with flavor!
  9. People do realize that Banshee is an Irish spirit, right? Not German?
  10. Congratulations @DeltaFlyer, I can’t wait to see what you bring to the YouTube channel!
  11. This a bump, but it’s nice to see that Coney Confections just got a new sign. No more clashing purple!
  12. Looks great, I’m really looking forward to trying these new items out!
  13. Great footage! Thanks for sharing.
  14. I don’t know, Outback is probably the last thing I think of when I think “pioneer Cincinnati.”
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