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  1. Any new area-specific music loops? (Polka in Oktoberfest? Ragtime along Coney Mall?)
  2. Diamondback's teasers didn't even go up until early July.
  3. Here are two videos from Sunday. FE1164C0-6EB7-481F-852E-8612800F57C0.MOV 4819ECFD-D9C4-4E7E-BB0B-03483D40642C.MOV
  4. As an associate, I got the chance to take a spin on Kings Mills Antique Autos (twice) on Sunday. It's beautifully landscaped and the billboards are a great touch. It really livens that back area of Coney Mall up! A beautiful addition that will enjoyed by people for many years to come.
  5. I had my training on Saturday and got to take in what they’ve done so far. While I won’t upload any pictures or delve into specifics, I will say it is definitely going to be an incredible final result. I think it will really put the “grand” into “grand entrance.” And yes, it’s a good thing that those trees were cut down; the forced perspective illusion has been restored!
  6. Personally, I'm glad that the large trees were removed. They ruined the forced perspective of the buildings. One thing that has always struck me looking at old photos of International Street is how wide, open, and grandiose it looked. I'm very happy that we're getting that feeling and look back.
  7. Millions of people fly over the park every year. This very website has aerial photos taken during the off-season!
  8. Photos taken from airplanes/helicopters are legal and should not be frowned upon. Millions of people fly over the park every year. As a matter of fact, this very website has an entire album of unofficial aerial photos.
  9. I think that the main issue (to me at least) is that there is a giant, very visible, vacant building right on the main midway. That is "bad show" as they would say at Disney. I have the same feelings toward the KillMart building as well. The reason no one really has a problem with Slaughterhouse or Blackout is because they are off the beaten path enough IMO. Guests understand that those buildings are used for mazes--they have signage on them. If you knew nothing about Kings Island and visited the park for the first time, what would your thoughts be of the park if you saw two large abandoned buildings?
  10. It was like a little stand selling corn on the cob and turkey legs(?) IIRC.
  11. I rode Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach this past summer. It was not the most intense coaster I've ever ridden, but it was still a ton of fun.
  12. Here is the forensics report. SOB Inspection Report 10-30-06.pdf
  13. 1982. That was also the same year the concrete walls and planters were added and the sidewalks were removed.
  14. Yes, the park would have made the same decision. Son of Beast had become such a PR story in the Cincinnati area that even if Kings Island spent millions renovating and updgrading it, one minor hiccup would have become instant front-page news. Ultimately, it was that fact that led to the ride's demolition in the first place.
  15. It is true that Cedar Fair had a slow start to the 2018 season in general. But that does not mean that attendance is on a permanent decline and will be until we get a giga, as you suggested.
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