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  1. They integrated the islands into the cars. They still have their outer edges facing out into the midway, and then they blend into the actual attraction’s lawn.
  2. Kings Island officials felt that the first logo was not an “easy to use or read” logo, so they changed it. The logo was changed in, I believe, early 1972—someone probably knows more about the specifics of the date. By the time the park opened, they were using the medieval-looking one as the official logo of the park.
  3. It will be released this summer. The publisher has the final copy and they’re proofreading it right now! Unfortunately, coronavirus resulted in the publisher having a backlog of projects to work through. The wait will be worth it! I can’t wait for you to read it.
  4. I thought that Orion was MUCH better than Millennium Force. Millennium Force has a better location, but Orion’s elements are way more dynamic and intense.
  5. I rode nine times tonight. Best ride in the park! It’s deceivingly intense! I never thought I would ever say the words “sustained ejector,” but that’s how the speed hill is. The turnaround almost feels like an inversion. All the blood goes to your feet during the helix. The biggest surprise is the final curve before the brakes. GREAT air! The biggest disappointment is the head chopper under the first drop. You don’t really notice it. The arm chopper coming out of the turnaround and into the speed hill is more noticeable. The theming was great and it flowed really well with Flight of Fear!
  6. It’s supposed to have been hit by meteors. How else can you do that?
  7. It looks amazing. The coolest part on The Beast is coming out of the second drop and turning into the brake shed. Orion’s turnaround just towers over that section of the track. It looks awesome!
  8. Just the reflections from the room; the whole room is painted blue.
  9. We have amazing Orion merch at Emporium. Not like I'm biased or anything...
  10. Yes, they added it last year to store the Grand Carnivale floats.
  11. I think it will work out pretty well, actually. There’s Orion Cart on that path plus the propping in that photo, so there’s already a segue starting before you walk under Racer. Plus Area 72 is supposed to exist in Kings Island, so it makes sense that you can see things like Orion, etc., from the park.
  12. That’s a shame. After I saw how much effort went into bringing out the details on the International Street buildings last year, I was hoping to see the same effort on bringing out the details on Viking Fury. Sad to see that is not the case.
  13. So when’s that drone video from yesterday coming out?
  14. Does this work? IMG_0257.MOV
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