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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I saw guests on Saturday carrying around paper maps! I was overjoyed. They said they got them over by the height checking station near the front gate.
  2. Greg Scheid did consider putting in a wing coaster at the park, but at a different time than Thunderbird...I’d recommend checking out the book Kings Island: A Ride Through Time!
  3. This is not true. Diamondback saw a "near record-breaking year," according to Dick Kinzel. Banshee saw a significant attendance increase and was the reason why Mystic Timbers came only three years later, according to Greg Scheid. Mystic Timbers resulted in the highest-attendance year since 1998, according to Mike Koontz. I know you're going off the TEA numbers, but those are totally wrong. Cedar Fair said that Knott's Berry Farm surpassed 6 million in attendance for 2018, but the TEA numbers for that year was 4 million.
  4. I like to collect them. Plus, I prefer the physical aspect of holding it in my hands versus looking at an image on my phone. I would be legitimately surprised if there’s anyone that wants them to remain electronic for this year.
  5. I really, really hope that we’re back to paper maps this year. I was at Dollywood in March and they were using paper maps, so it’s definitely safe to do.
  6. I LOVED the parade and the food, but I hated the tacky decorations barfed all over the new International Street with a burning passion. I hope that this year they at least stay away from replacing the international flags on the buildings with generic Carnivale flags.
  7. It will probably be a blank screen during the day.
  8. The screen in front of Flight of Fear was fun for one night when they announced Orion, but it will look absolutely terrible now that it’s there for a whole season.
  9. Is Orion a “filler coaster?” Was Vortex scrapped for a new ride? I would suggest checking out Kings Island: A Ride Through Time. You’ll find your answers in there.
  10. I hope they have The Racer’s fourth hill lit up again this year. They added lighting to it in 2019 and it looked really nice, since that hill is the backdrop to Kings Mills Antique Autos! As I recall, it was on-and-off throughout the 2019 season, and I didn’t see it or photos of it lit up in 2020 at all. I don’t know if they removed it or if the lights burned out and they just never replaced it, but it looked really good. It was synced with the lighting package on the lift hill.
  11. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! Hearing such positive thoughts really make my day.
  12. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. It’s truly an incredible park.
  13. This is great to hear; very rewarding for me as an author!
  14. Thank you for tuning in! It was a lot of fun to be on. I'm glad you enjoyed the episode!
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