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  1. Obliterating the station is sad, but I wouldn’t really say there is a systematic removal of the park’s history going on. Have we forgotten last season already?
  2. They really should have had Gary Wachs come in to talk about it instead of Chad Showalter.
  3. Adventure Express is a remnant too. It was part of Wild Animal Habitat/Adventure Village. It wasn’t considered an Oktoberfest ride until 2000.
  4. But I thought we were not allowed to question certain Almighty Users on here?!
  5. I am the second poster here. Just to clarify, I was not the one who asked how to know whether someone is well-respected. Another user wrote that assuming that I was unaware who that user was. I knew the user was well-respected on here, but over the course of my own research I've found a fair number of claims he's made are false. That's why I asked who his source was in the first place.
  6. It's very odd to me that Kings Dominion is on the course that it is with Richard Zimmerman at the helm of Cedar Fair. Zimmerman was general manager at Kings Dominion for a period of time, so you would think there would be lots of big investments in the park. Instead, Kings Dominion is entering 2020 without a ride and without one of its signature coasters...but plus a kiddie splash pad. The park is being treated right now like its Dorney Park--I mean, even the splash pads are similar.
  7. Yes, they are adding a food stand and it will be themed to fit with the area. I don't know about seating. Orion and Area 72 will be quite heavily themed. One of Mike Koontz's visions for Kings Island is to bring back theming and charm.
  8. Here is an interesting article with info that will probably be new for most users on here: https://www.journal-news.com/news/local/kings-island-preparing-for-2020-what-expect-from-the-park-this-year/uYPRyXiE7xh8ixzWdEQ3bM/
  9. I think he meant no MCBR. The blueprints showing the trim have been available since May. But as you said, hopefully it’s not too bad/rarely used!
  10. Yes, it is. Not a big surprise, though. The blueprints indicated it and you could see the maintenance building for it under construction during the construction tour in December.
  11. That was not one of the business involved in the 2019 renovation to my knowledge. I believe the front gate concept has floated around for a while. I seem to recall seeing someone post it on here in maybe 2015?
  12. You have to have been a member by December 31, 2019.
  13. I think that the end of the midnight closes in July will result in a more crowded park. Those are some of the most packed days of the summer, and the midnight close allows crowds to be a little more spread out.
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