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  1. We went Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday was crazy. We asked an employee on Sunday and were told that there was over 50k people there Saturday. We rode Beast and Boo Blasters, caught Street Drum Corps, and called it a night. That night, scare lines were crazy full. Diamondback was running a 2.5 hour wait posted. When we were in line for The Beast, there was a line for the Fast Lane Plus all of the way down to where the ride exit and Fast Lane split. (Not a place I would want to be if someone above spilled a drink) Sunday was pretty good (and looks like it still is). We had to leave due to just being tired.
  2. I love Vortex but it boxes my ears the whole ride. I wish they would put Banshee or Firehawk restraints on it. They you would not get me off of it!
  3. Sorry for the D.P., but you heard right! Thats not the only reason BY FAR, that its a truly Fabulous night, but that is one heck of a great perk of the night! Some other things that make it great (besides the very obvious enjoyment of feeling totally Free to be "me" without worry of a bunch of un-needed B.S.) are A)No obnoxious line-jumping and other such jackassery B)No equally obnoxious basketball bouncing C)Everyone in the park, from guests to employees, are without fail having a GREAT time and enjoying all of the GOOD things an amusement park CAN offer. Side note.... I truly wish they would open Surf Dog and Woodstock Gliders for the event We cannot wait for this evening. Just praying the thunder storms stay away! We heard from so many people how fun it was last year! Just bummed about the no ride photos. Our autistic son livens up more on the rides after dark. Oh well, there are still haunt nights for pics!
  4. You can hop on rides with me, hubby and our son! Going to support a good cause and have fun!
  5. We do too! We spotted you once last Sunday on main street while we were FINALLY eating after a 45 minute line wait.---This is Amy.
  6. i think it is because they are setting up for Halloween Haunt this weekend and next.
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