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Found 2 results

  1. The conversation about Son of Beast has been moved to this topic. In light of many threads about the ride and one giant thread that has devolved from discussion to rumors to jokes about the rumors, it's time to start anew. Hopefully this will create a more concise topic that won't require reading through 150+ pages to get caught up on. Facts: - The ride has not operated since June 16, 2009. - The park's current General Manager has stated the reason for not operating the ride is his dissatisfaction with the ride's performance. “Eight days after I took over, the accident occurred,” said Scheid. “We have struggled with it ever since. We have smoothed out the ride. Most people will say they are comfortable with the ride, but I am not comfortable with the ride.” - From 2000 - 2006 the ride was the world's only wooden looping roller coaster and operated with trains manufactured by Premier Rides. - On July 9, 2006 an accident occurred. According to an investigation by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture: a cracked vertical timber [in the ride's "Rose Bowl" section] created a "bump." When a train navigated this section, some riders received non life-threatening injuries and the ride was closed for the remainder of the season. - Following the Department of Agricultures investigation [which faulted some aspects of the design of the ride] in which recommendations to improve the rides performance were made, the loop was removed and "new" trains were installed. - On july 4, 2007, Son of Beast re-opened nearly a year after its accident. The ride featured two modified trains manufactured by Gerstauler that were originally found on the Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavillion. To accommodate the lighter trains, the loop was removed. Son of Beast was still billed as the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster. - On June 16, 2009 - the ride was voluntarily closed down after a woman came forward stating she had suffered an injury on the ride in May of that year. The ride has not re-opened since for the reasons stated above: dissatisfaction with the ride's performance. Note: the incident in June of 2009 has never been officially stated to have been the reason for the ride's closure. As of this topic's posting on July 5, 2012: No decision has been made regarding the future of Son of Beast. References: Cincinnati Enquirer, "What's Next for Son of Beast?" - April 24, 2011. Cincinnati Business Courier, "Son of Beast a No-Go for 2010." - March 15, 2010. Cincinnati Enquirer, "Son of Beast" shuts down at K.I. - June 23, 2009. Ground Rules: - Please follow KICentral.com's "Terms of Service." Failure to abide by these rules will result in consequences. - Feel free to discuss rumors about the ride and ideas for its future use, HOWEVER, if you are going to claim to have "inside information" or a claim you heard something from an "official" (and things of this nature), state your source or have your post deleted. - Be respectful to your fellow posters, but at the same time have a sense of humor, please. - Share your memories of the ride and your experiences, but make your post worth reading. - Son of Beast, Summer 2008. From KICentral.com's "The Event." Photo by Ronny Salerno.
  2. Have you guys heard of or joined the Save Son of Beast facebook page, or followed us on twitter? Please pass the word around we already have over 2,000 likes! Also give us a review on here, we have daily updates and polls almost everyday along with many updates concerning the park and other rides. http://www.facebook....st/313135991408 http://twitter.com/#.../savesonofbeast Save Son of Beast! Join us on facebook and twitter!
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