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>>Confirmed!<< SOB Now Open!


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From Local12:

Son of Beast Reopens Today

Last Update: Jul 4, 2007 1:56 PM

A Kings Island Spokesperson says the park will reopen the Son of Beast today.

The park removed the coaster's loop after an accident over the summer injured 27 people.

A cracked beam caused a dip in the track.

The state ordered an engineering review and structural reinforcements.

Removing the loop was not required, but the park says that will allow the use of lighter trains to reduce the load.

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Did the ride appear to be faster? Did the ride open at park opening time? Did it shut down at all during the time? Were both trains running? Any pain? Lastly, how did the restraints feel?

Sorry for all the questions.

the speed is still up there. it opened at 1:45. we were on the first train open to the public.

the employees of the park rode the 2 prior trains. both trains are running. restraints are

similar to The Beast, except not as confining. no pain at all. i have 2 slipped discs in my

back and an artificial hip and had no problems at all. i would like to hear the actual

speed. they only got in a couple of trains before it started raining. we headed out at

that point. that's the great thing about living 8 miles from the park. if rains or gets

too crowded, we just head home. we'll probably go back later if we get a lot of rain.

that tends to drive people from the park.

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Great to hear that they reopened it. I`ll have to give it a try next time I`m at Kings Island. Problem is, I don`t know when my next day off will be!

It will be interesting to see how the general public reacts to the new trains. It will also be interesting to see how the ride runs after it has operated daily for several weeks later in October.

Now, if only they can reopen Drop Zone, the park would be back to full capacity again!

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An update on Cincinnati.com says that Drop Zone should be ready to reopen in a couple of days. The article states that the manufacturer recommended a new part (completely separate from the incident in KY). The new part is expected to arrive in a couple of days, at which time Drop Zone will reopen.

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*IF* it opens at all!! Right people?? Right Interpreter?!

I'm just sort of kidding because I really hated all the *IF* people when it came to SOB....it's like they were rooting for it to NOT open, which was really annoying, and so now I can gloat and gloat even more if it really is smooth now with airtime and becomes a hit!!

But too bad about the rain today, and I'm glad I did not go today, but will for sure over the next few days...

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