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Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

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Gee, you'd think the park would have employees clean up after the dog. No one should have to step in Snoopy crap.

It will be down most of the time. Very little of the time is a drop ride rising or at the top.

NEW for 2013....A duplicate ride from Kings Island's sister park is moved to Kings Island. Creating an all new expirience....

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:11. I didn't know Great Adventure had an Eiffel Tower too!!! ;)

Last time I was at Great Adventure I didn't happen to see an Eiffel Tower.....I guess I must have just missed it or something. I'll be sure to check next time I go. :rolleyes:

There is a tall, green tower, 456 feet high. The view from the top is stunning. And it does have an elevator, which a select few have even ridden....

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^ Where's me Firehawk? Noooooo! Look what you have done RideOnKI! Its too late to turn back! ;)

Ha ha. :) (Although I think Firehawk is just out of frame to the right; the lower FOF appears to be the one photoshopped in.)

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