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Easy way to find coaster


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I never rode it, as I could never ride any kiddie coaster. My first trip to KI I was 8 years old and i could barely fit on The Beastie (now called fairly odd coaster) then (I was like 5'5 as an 8 year old, always a tall one), so I know I couldn't fit on Runaway reptar or Scooby Ghoster Coaster.

You would fit on both coasters. When my son was a little younger, I took him on both rides. And I am 5'9" and not skinny by any means. Reptar is kinda fun for a tame little coaster. I almost wish my son still liked to ride on it.

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There are only 2 drop coasters on the planet. Both at Bush Gardens. What tells you KI will get one? Rivertown Has little room to expand. Check The Map. I'm on board with the Idea of a B&M Hyper behind The Racer. And the box looks really cool.


You couldn't be more wrong. Moreover, B & M calls their version "diving machines." The original one, built by B & M, isn't even in the USA. Here's a hint. UK.

There are four operating and one under construction.

Plenty know about it. It's been talked about into oblivion.

that was pretty funny :lol:

was i the only one who got that?

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