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Abnormal Lines


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Before this year, the last time I was at KI was the year Flight of Fear opened. We waited for 3 hours. Even then, we saw people chicken out when they witnessed the launch.

This year, went on 8/7...wait times were as follows....

Italian Job - less than 5 min

Vortex - walked right in

Flight of Fear - 20 minutes (it was 98 degrees with a heat advisory, the AC was why)

Racer x 2 - walked right in

Adventure Express - walked right in

Top Gun - walked right in

Face/Off - had to wait one ride cycle

Son of Beast - walked right in

A seat to recover from Son of Beast - walked right in

Firehawk - 15 minutes

The Beast - walked right in

A friend of mine went on 8/24 and waited 3 minutes for Firehawk. THREE MINUTES!!!


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The shortest i have waited for Firehawk is the when we got there before the rope was down and we sprinted to Firehawk and waited like 1 cycle and then when we got off we were going to take advantage of the short line but it ha dgrown 1 hour in the span on 1 ride on Firehawk.

Does anyone else agree with me when i say that Vortex has got the worst queue line ever. I mean you go into the building and there is one set of turnstials and that is it. What happens if it is backed up out of there then the line is going to go down Coney Mall for about a mile.

Also i have waited in line for about an hour and a half for The Beast. It was backed out by the old Coca-Cola zone and it had all the turnstials open. Well worth it though. I also wish they would bring back the paw prints that made it much more exciting when going back to it.

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At least Vortex isn't obnoxiously long like "Top Gun". You walk for 7 minutes to get back there for a ride that's 60 seconds long and then you walk 7 minutes back to the park. I'd rather have a line too short for "slow" days than having a mile walk back to a short ride.

But having said that, the "Vortex" queue is pretty short.


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And if your not careful Kings Island wont be the only thing dead on a 100 degree day.

Top Gun is also bad because when you waste your time walking back there to find that the line is really backed up but you cant see it from the midway then you have to turn all the way around and walk back.

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