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Whats your favorite park besides KI?

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It can be any park at all. Say why it's your favorite park.

Mine would be... Six Flags Over Georgia or Cedar Point.. im going to go with SFOG because most people will say CP. I like SFOG because the great rides. They don't have a thousand roller coasters like most parks, bu the ones they do have are amazing! Heres what i think of the rides.

Goliath- Amazing, great air time and speed!

Georgia Scorcher- Pretty good for a stand-up.. it might look boaring but it's actually good.

Mindbender- One of my favorite rides in the worl, most of it's hidden.. the parts you can see might look stupid, but trust me it's amazing.

Batman- Ehh.. well there is one bad ride at SFOG.

Deja' Vu- Awesome, way better than Face/Off, if you got to SFOG and see it open.. ride it it's a one in a lifetine experiance. Literally, it's never open. =]

GASM- A classic, it's theyre version of The Racer only you don't race..

Ninja- Wait.. theyres two bad rides at SFOG..

Superman:Ultimate Flight- Amazing, one hell of a ride.

Acraphobia- No it's not a roller coaster but this ride is unique.. it's a gyro drop on the seats lean forward when you get to the top!

Cyclone- Pretty good..

One bad thing about SFOG is that they have hardly any thrill rides at all! Just kid rides and roller coasters.

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Come on get on, come on get on Cedar Point. You want coasters Cedar Point has the most, you scream, we got 16 errrr.... 17.

Cedar Point hands down. Millenium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum, need i say more.

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Besides KI, Disney World because I like heavy theming attractions and shows. Plus having a 7 year old to watch the magic through makes me a bit more biased. Believe it or not we just got back from a 15 day trip to the world and we still where not able to get it all done. So many parks, special events, parades so little time.

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We also had a sit down dinner (some with shows) everyday which did take up some time which gave us a much needed break.

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We only left the Disney property one day to go to Port Orange Beach, but other than that we ate all meals and stayed on Disney property for the whole trip. That’s why I love Disney World.

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This would have been more of a poll if you gave us choices to vote for.

I'd like to vote for Disney World, as others have. But Disney World is an amusement complex with 4 separate theme parks and 2 water parks. Each has individual admission.

Hence, my # 1 favorite amusement park in the world is Disney's MAGIC KINGDOM in Orlando, Florida.

Best regards,

Italian Chef

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As much as I would like to say Disney, I can't.

The reason being, comparing Disney to any other park is like comparing my hometown (pop. 100,000) to NYC.

That being said, I have a particular fondness for BGE with Hershey and KennyWood close behind.

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Favorite Parks overall (and defy categories):

Disney World

Top 5 Theme Parks:

1. Busch Gardens Europe

2. Islands of Adventure

3. Universal Orlando

4. King's Island

5. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Top 4 Amusement Parks (Ive been to much too few to have #5 be mentioned with these great parks):

1. Cedar Point

2. Canobie Lake Park (sentimental reasons here folks)

3. Hersheypark

4. Kennywood

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I truly love Tivoli! Such an excellent park! However, when I'm not in the U.S. and my heart cant be at KI....its at Alton Towers! :wub:

Considering your name, that really surprises me. Alton Towers is the Pittsburgh of Europe, just as much steel, traffic is horrible, and just try to ask directions in a little town called Foxt in an American accent. The only positive that Alton Towers has are the trees, and a couple of what I would consider world class steel coasters. No wood coasters, and the rest of the steel coasters are just o.k. Tivoli on the other hand, has very well kept rides with a good variety. A world class theater and concert hall that makes the Arronoff look like some thing that you would find in Mayberry. The food is incredible and with the train station next door, you can't miss it. The people are so nice that they not only give you directions, they will give you a ride or take the train two extra stops to make sure you get there. I have been to so many parks in both Europe and the US, that I would have to say for action thrills and fun, the US is the best. For a park to take your family to for an enjoyable day or evening entertainment, you can't beet a European park.

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Of cource Walt Disney World.....but other than that Kings Dominion is my second favorite. I'll admit the park was a dump when Paramount was in control, but anyone who was there this year and last year would say Cedar Fair already has it looking much better. They have some great coasters (and most likley Dominator will be there next year considering its pieces are in the parking lot) And dont forget KD still has Flying Eagles and Antique Cars.

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Definitely KD(as my username implies) althoug hSFA is much closer to me being in northern Va. I still prefer KD better due to the maintenance,operations & overall ride selection.All they need after Dominator will be a hyper & maybe some more flats & they'll probably become the best regional park in the area.

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Well, I absolutely detest Walt Disney World.

Everything Plastic and Artificial. Did I Even See Plastic Birds Last Time?

That being said, EPCOT remains an amazing location. I find World Showcase to be the best area.

Moving On.....

1) Opryland (Defunct)

2) Busch Gardens Europa

3) Busch Gardens Afrika

4) Dollywood

5) Kennywood

... Honorable Mention - Canada's Wonderland

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Well I was a big fan of Americana / Lesourdesville Lake and the Screechin Eagle, I love that coaster! I wish it would open back up... :(

and besides that I like Universals Island of Adventure and Kings Island

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1. Cedar Point

2. Kings Island

3. Six Flags Great Adventure

4. Disney World

5. Universal Studios

6. Lesourdsville Lake

Those are all the parks I've been to. I don't even remember Lesourdsville Lake, last time I was there was when I was a baby, hence why it is last. :rolleyes:

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