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Trip report 10/13


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This is my first trip report so I hope it is ok. (Date should say the 12th cause we went Friday night)

Me, my wife, my friend from work, and my daughter and her boyfriend went to HH last night, some of us for the 3rd time this year. When we got to the park at 7 we got through the toll booth and found a parking space just fine. We then got in the long line to go through the metal detectors and then proceeded to the long line to get into the park. It didn't take too terribly long at either of these though.

Once inside my wife was immediately scared by a girl pushing a baby carriage. I had seen the thing last week and told my wife to come look at the little baby. When she got up to the front of the carriage to look in the girl activated the baby and it jumped up scaring the crap out of my wife. It was great, although my wife didn't think so. hehe

First thing we did was head to Club Blood. My wife wouldn't go through so me and my friend went through. Daughter and her boyfriend stayed with my wife to guard her from the spooks. Now I had went through CB last week and it wasn't that great, but this week it was awesome! They added some things to it since last week. There were more vampires, an area that had a few dead bodies hanging from the ceiling you had to walk through, and you walked closer to the chick that was eating the corpse. Oh, and the guy on the bungee device just appeared out of the darkness then disappeared back into it. Last week you could see him and his device, both coming and going. This week the effect was awesome. Also, last week we were like 3 or 4 feet from the girl eating the corpse, this week we were inches away from her. The changes this week really made the haunt a whole lot better. The only bad thing is I only got a quick glimpse of the hot vampire chick I have been lusting over for the last few weeks. Maybe I can see more of her next week. :)

In the line for CB we were in between 2 groups of girls. The group in front of us were very well behaved, the ones behind us were very rude, loud, and vulgar. They kept talking about sex and saying they loved every guy they saw. We were grouped with the girls in front of us and they were clinging on to me most of the way through. They were so cute. hehe I kept telling them it was ok and that it was almost over. They actually froze in place during one point! The rude girls caught up to us and was yelling for them to "Get the F out of the way". I told them to shut up and leave them alone, which they didn't like too well but they didn't say anything to me or the girls after I yelled at them. When we exited the girls we were grouped with said "Thank you for everything in there", I thought that was nice. They were so cute and well mannered, wish all kids were as good as they were. :)

After CB we rode Adventure Express and Racer. By then the park was packed. It had not been half as busy the last 2 Fridays. Lines for haunts were rediculous. I was thinking that maybe an up-charge for passholders may not be a bad thing afterall last night. Guess we'll just have to wait and see next year. We mostly walked around the park taking pictures the rest of the night. We ended up leaving around 11. Oh, by the way, I met the perfect woman last night. She was so perfect I had my wife take a picture of us together.


She's perfect! Little skinny but at least she is a cheap date! :P

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Unfortunately there are a lot of really ignorant people there. Makes you wonder what their parents are teaching them about respecting others....hmmmm...

Yes it does Karen. I know my parents taught me to act like I had sense when in public and I teach my kids the same thing. These girls were saying things Andrew Dice Clay would say, it was embarassing and made them look like total idiots. There was a group of church kids a little ways back and they were looking at them like they needed Jesus! I'm just glad my daughter wasn't in line with me to hear the things they were saying.

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