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Future of Coney Island, Cincinnati- our Beloved Park


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Um, how about no. Round Up just received a paint job a couple of years ago, and River Runner is essentially only a two year old ride. It operated briefly at Wild West World in 2007, before moving to Coney in 2008.

The Scream Machine debuted in 2005, and was bought from the manufacturer, so don`t look for that ride to go anywhere soon. And why do you think a new coaster is possible in 2012? You clearly have no idea what has gone in at Coney over even the last five years!

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Well, I can`t really speculate on that. That would be like asking "So when will the Reds win their next World Series and who will be on the roster." I think it is safe to say that no coasters will be added to Coney in the foreseeable future. Especially with Coney investing a large amount of money ($2 million into projects this year, including the $1.8 million Twister water slide). Not to mention that Coney added three new attractions the previous year (River Runner, Turtle Parade and Eurobungy Dome) and the year prior to that they added the Rock O Plane from LeSourdsville Lake.

It all really depends on how successful of a year Coney has, given the current economy. And the rides at Coney are NOT the primary draw or money maker for the park.

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This is the first time I have been on this and I was reading a lot of post and I find a lot of them interesting. I also work with robbie a lot and he would probably agree that in the next few years that coney should possibly put another new thing in the pool area and put something else new in the rides.

Also idk if they did anything with the euro bungy dome recently because I haven't worked in a while, but I think they should clean the dome. Not sure if they will but I think it would be a good idea.

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Took my wife and kids to Coney yesterday (Labor Day). Most lines were very short from 11-2, so we enjoyed lots of riding and little waiting. After 2:00 the crowds from the president's speech filled the park and we headed out.

I've read all the comments about the unlikelihood of Coney adding a new coaster in the near future. I understand those reasons, but hey, it's still fun to dream about "what if?".

So in an "alternate" future where Coney decides to install a new coaster...


Name: Shooting Star

Designer: Gravity Group

Type: Wooden out-and-back

Imagine how cool this would look to folks crossing the I-275 bridge and driving along Kellogg ave.

The local news would go nuts over this, with the nod to Coney history and the "hometown" designer.

There are still enough people around here who remember the old Shooting Star and would love to take their grandkids to ride this. People in Cincy love this kind of nostalgia.

Design it with a few tunnels, airtime, and an aggressive yet accessible ride experience (like the Raven) and this would be a home run. Fun for all and unique enough from KIs coasters.

Logistically it would likely need steel supports and high enough elevation to protect the wooden track from potential floods. But the space seems to be there, and the high visibility from I-275 is a huge bonus.

Its far from Riverbend and PNC pavillion so the sound would only affect Moonlight Gardens.

Only problem: where to get $5-10 million to build it. But like I said, it's fun to dream.

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Trust me when I say that a B&M coaster is DEFINITELY out of Coney`s price range. Heck, the Twister slide that was installed this year at a price of nearly $2 million was one of the most expensive installations at Coney, ever! And personally I doubt that Coney will add anything new next year, since in the last two years both the rides side and Sunlite Pool have seen pretty significant additions.

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I'd like to see Coney old an old-fashioned dark ride, something like they have at Camden Park or Conneaut Lake Park, of course one would have to be up for sale as I'm sure they don't make such things anymore

The problem with dark rides, is the people will undoubtedly 'disrupt' the ride. Coney would have enough money to fix one hole punched in a wall, but just in a couple of years, the price of fixing the 'damaged' property would be substantial.

Even if Coney installs a people mover system, people will still manage to bother the ride "while inside their car". (and from what I've heard, these systems are very expensive)


This would be very cheap and attract people. I know Voyage costs 8.5 Million, and this coaster is not even 1/5 as tall or long so I'm guessing this is probably 2 Million.

That would be nice, but there isn't really much room to add a coaster that isn't too close and noisy for Riverbend to operate. (without a lawsuit from Riverbend)

They could fill in a little bit of the lake, along the shore, and put a coaster on that land. Unless the coaster 'sinking' theory is true...

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Well, filling in part of the lake is expensive. Likely they would just have concrete piers or pilings driven into the bedrock below the lake and utilize a steel frame above the lake. Not unlike what Indiana Beach did for their wood coasters. The other option would be to have the actual coaster go back through the picnic area and not actually towards Riverbend. While it may make some areas of the picnic grove noisy at times, the actual width of the track is not that great. Do I see Coney adding any wooden coaster (or wooden coaster with steel supports like Voyage) any time in the near or intermediate future? Not a chance. Yes, Coney did just spend close to $2 million on the Twister. But that was a LARGE capital project. Just like Kings Island likely won`t see another large capital project for a few years, the same likely will hold true for Coney.

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There is not as much room as you think there is between Lake Como and Moonlite Gardens.


The clearing below Moonlite Gardens is actually the place where wedding ceremonies are held (with the reception following in the main portion of Moonlite Gardens). While there is room between the paved patio area and the parking lot, there is no access to that clearing from the main midway. There is also not enough room for an Enterprise between Lake Como and the midway, next to the Scrambler. One last thing to note in that image. There is actually a gravel path that extends to the back side of Moonlite Gardens that connects with the parking lot. It is used to load stuff into Moonlite, as well as by employees on their way out to the employee lot adjacent to Gate 1.

Finally, a wooden coaster will not be built in the location you suggested (adjacent to Riverbend), because of noise. With PNC Pavilion so close to the Python, we already had to close the Python down early (sometimes as early as 7pm) for concerts in PNC Pavilion, because the noise from the coaster travels into the Pavilion. Finally, keep in mind that the map is not an accurate representation of scale.

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Guest rcfreak339
I don't really think this would happen, but it would be wonderful...

Imagine, Coney can possibly acquire some of the rides from SFKK.

The Breakdance, Antique Cars, Enterprise and Flying Dutchman would be great!

And imagine if Coney received the Wild Mouse, or Roller Skater...

I want to know why you think SFKK will be closing down?

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I want to know why you think SFKK will be closing down?

I'm not saying I want the dry side of Kentucky Kingdom to close down, but I see it as something that is unavoidable.

1. Almost every year, the Dry side of the park loses an attraction or two, and the water park gains an attraction.

2. Chang is getting moved to another Six Flags park.

3. From what I hear, the Water park has much better attendance than the dry side.

4. Six Flags doesn't have the money to fix the Dry side of the park.

5. The dry side has had the reputation of being "dangerous" since that accident.

And knowing Six Flags, I hardly expect any of Kentucky Kingdom's older rides to get reused at any of their other parks...

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