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When you wish upon The Beast.

Gordon Bombay

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A friend of mine recommended I check out this Beast video on youtube...

Its from the 1985 program from the Disney channel entitled "when you wish upon a star". In this episode a young girl named Kristen wishes to ride The Beast over and over again. The video shows some very interesting views of the ride although the segments are shown out of sequence...

Things to look for in the video:

-The Beast lake is still there

-Old cars with buzz bars.

-The MASSIVE ride operator panel.

-The ride operators phone is inside the control booth rather than outside.

-When she meets with the designers they show her a model that is quite unlike the actual design.


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Okay I don't technically know the real answer of why they don't build over water anymore. I will however hazard a few guesses. I would say yes the biggest factor is cost as is most business decisions. Also depending on the body of water there may be other obstacles in place. There may be additional "enviromental impact" studies that would need to take place before anything could use the body of water. However usually we are talking about park created bodies of water which I would think would have less guidelines but I don't know.

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Don't forget that The Beast had a lake under it... and it was removed for good reasons.

Just remember that Kings Island has been able to add new attractions almost every year of its existance. That's not typical of a park. A lot of parks only add a new attraction every few years, so they can go all out. Nowadays, a lot more parks are adding year attractions, thus cutting into the lack of detail.

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Let's see what I found wrong:

The Design model was NOT LIKE The Beast AT ALL.

This quote craked me up:

"Even though the highest hill is only 115 feet high," the highest hill is 140 feet high, "The biggest drop is about 200 feet," YEA RIGHT! :lol: DREAM ON!

"Because it simply isn't possible to have a 200 foot hill on a flat plane" HA! HA! HA! HA! :lol:

They still had Beast Lake.

And the operator board was huge!


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Yes, but that does not mean that the ride features a 200 ft. drop. It is saying that if you measured from the highest point of the ride (the top of the first hill), to the lowest point (the quick dip right before the second lift), there is about a 200 ft. difference.

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Speaking of old days, my friend and I often go "urban exploring" in the park after it is closed and let me tell you there is some really cool stuff especially in the second story of the international street buildings, like we found a bunch of merch from the 70's and 80's , and now i have my very own Kings Island 1972 hot pink clip board, when you go behind, the behind the scenes , you see whats even cooler than the rides.

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