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Photo TR: Krazy City, Tri-County Mall

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I left and went over to the calender store and bought a Roller Coaster Calender 50% off , so it came to around $5.00 :P

:lol: I got the same calendar the day after Christmas at that same store for 50% off. I got that publishing company's roller coaster calendar last year too. It was good, but under the picture of The Raven, they said it was in Santa Claus, ID. :blink: Don't they know ID is IDaho, and IN is INdiana? I couldn't stand looking at that mistake all month so I crossed it out and corrected it!


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My wife and I used to go to Krazy City quite a bit during the summer of 2008.  Back then, I worked with elementary school kids and we'd take them there on field trips during the summer.  My boss used to give me the left over Play and Ride cards, so my wife and I used to go back and use them. 


I actually enjoyed this place.  It gave you something to do when it wasn't great weather outside.  Or, if you were looking for someplace to go to kill a couple of hours, this was a great choice.


It's weird, I didn't even know this place was going out of business.  One day we showed up at the mall and noticed that everything was closed up.  Totally took me by surprise. 


I've been to The Web and that's a pretty cool place, but I kind of wish it had some of the rides that Krazy City had. 

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Wait so The Web isn't a tech store that I was going to look at today?

Well, that just blew my hopes out of the water.

I personally wish there was an indoor amusement park in Cincy so that I could get my coasters in during the winter. It is a stretch, but it is also something I would go to weekly as I would like to get some Off Season blues off my shoulders.

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So that's what happened to Laser Web. Interesting...


(For those wondering, what's now "The Web" started out as simply "Laser Web" in the Woodford Plaza shopping center in Fairfield. I went to quite a few laser tag overnights there with my church youth group in high school 15-20 years ago. Last time I was out that way, Laser Web was gone and Ohio Valley Antique Mall had moved into that space).


$18 unlimited tag on Thursdays... Sounds like we need to have a KIC laser tag meetup out there.

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