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Save the Date: Kings Island's 2008 Opening Day!

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Boomerang Bays schedule has been released.

Boomerang Bay is open May 24 – August 17 from 11am to 7pm; August 18 – 22 from Noon to 6pm, and August 30 – September 1 from 11am to 7pm.

Looks like the bay will close early this year.

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The only reason that Boomerang Bay will close early this year is because Labor Day occurs on the first of September this year.

Depending on how my co-op situation shakes out in the next month, I may or may not make it to Kings Island on April 20th. I may be several hours south of Cincinnati (like down in Florida)!

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It wasn't that the rides weren't open at all, they were just a lot of delays. It seemed that everytime I went to a ride, it was closed down for a while.

Maybe since the 19th it's a park rental, by the 20th things will be running a bit better.

90 days 23 hours. It will be here soon!

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No, we don't all. If we ALL wanted it to be warm all the time, we'd ALL move to Florida. And it even gets cold in some parts of Florida from time to time.

Some of us like it here, weather and all.

Some of would rather live even further north, were it not for our family.

So, no...we don't all wish it would be warm in Ohio all the time.

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^ When I lived in Dallas it snowed a few times, and each time the city pretty much shut down--even with only an inch or so of snow. (Of course, what are they thinking putting sand down on the roads instead of salt!?! ;) )

I've also seen it snow in Charleston, SC and Las Vegas! (Let's just say that I don't have very good luck traveling in January :) )

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