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Newspaper article on KI sign change


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"When you think of Kings Island, you think of world-class, thrill-inducing roller coasters, action-packed attractions, 15-acre water park, seven-time award-winning kids' area, high-energy entertainment and great times with family and friends," said Don Helbig, Public Relations Area Manager.

...NOT what I think of!

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Jackson, this is THE LAST TIME i am going to warn you. Since yet again, you have ignored any private messages sent to you and continue to violate the TERMS OF SERVICE (http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4128), I am forced to remind you....again (just as i did yesterday) that one word responses void of content are prohibited on this site. See the third terms of service rule:

One-word responses - One-word responses are unacceptable for anything with the exception of the forum games. This is simply because it's unusual for a one-word response to actually have any merit or thought put into it. If you agree with someone, let us know why, don't just leave us hanging with "^agreed". This is also specifically hard on our dial up users who have to download the whole template constantly with really no content in it.

This is the final time I am going to warn you, myself and other members of this site who have complained have been patient, but you have failed to listen when anyone tries to help you learn how to post properly.

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In case people were confused, PKIVortex was referring to a quote in that article from Don Helbig. He referred to Kings Island`s 15 acre water park.

I seem to recall that when WaterWorks was expanded in 1997, they claimed that it was doubled in size, from 15 acres to thirty acres. I`m not sure why they are now claiming that it is now 15 acres, especially with the 2004 renovation to make it Boomerang Bay which filled in some of the empty space between the old and new WaterWorks sections of the park.

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