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Fearfest Statue

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Im not sure which statue you speak of..

Id venture to say that KI rarely throws anything away.. You name it and you can find it (or at least the remnants)..

Theirs a topic thats called 10-6-07 and it has a pic of it.That topic should be in trip reports.

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Guest TombraiderTy

^ I don't agree with that at all. Yes, they save some things. BUt the Son of Beast loop has been scrapped, they sold the monorail and Antique Cars, and several other Kings Island pieces have been trashed.

And RaCeR, I assume you're talking of the Tomb Raider statue near the Eiffel Tower. I believe it'll be gone in 2008, or at least from that position. However, the park may save it in storage. But it being Paramount and all...

And a little idea that just sprung up in my head. What if they laid the head amongst teh Adventure Express ruins? I mean, it'd be an added piece of scenary for free, plus it'd add to the experience!

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Thats the lot I was thinking of with the random stuff (!!)

Surely theres a stash of other randomness. I recall seeing the player piano from Phantom in November under cover behind The Racers.

Also, pretty much everything from phantom is sittin around.

Agree with both of you B)

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That statue was originally put there to promote the new Tomb Raider movie, after the Cedar Fair acquisition, the statue became beheaded for Halloween Haunt. Weather or not it stays there, time will tell. It may stay, it may be scrapped, it may be taken down and put back up for HH later.

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And I'd say they keep alot of random things.


How do you know all that stuff is what it is.Like how do you know Thats The TRTR sign and HBL carasoel figs.AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE OTHER JUNK IS.

Hey man before you post something like that again. Look at the website. It is his passion and his job to know what that stuff is. Everyone here is a Kings Island junky and we study every little detail. ;)

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Well if you look at that picture close enough you can tell what a lot of the things are .. namely the pt cars the krusty crab shell, and the river adv wheel

That's what I was thinking.

If you're familiar with the things that are in the park, you can tell what each of those items are.

LOL, and I agin't got the best eyes!

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