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Rivertown Final: Beast handily defeated LaRosa's, 13-1.

Action Zone Final: In yet another upset, Adventure Express knocked out Flight Deck, 13-1.

Nick Universe Final: The park's centerpiece beats out the Nick Characters, Eiffel Tower defeating Royal Fountains 9-5.

Coney Mall Final: In the only 1v2 match-up, Flight of Fear won out in overtime over Vortex, with a score of 8-7.

The tournament has ended. Thanks for everyone for voting.

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The championship match-up is a classic battle of wood vs steel. The top seeded wood coaster against the top seeded steel coaster.

#1 seeded Beast demolished #5 seeded Adventure Express 11-1.

#1 seeded Flight of Fear won out a very close match over #2 seeded Eiffel Tower, 7-6.

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