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Signs of Life at Kings Island


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Just wanted to let you know that "Drop Tower" (aka old Drop Zone) is undergoing (from what I can see from here) tests today. Since I'm not close enough to tell, I'm assuming that they are using test dummies instead of people. All I saw was the ride going up to the top (or close to it) and then slowly coming back down. I haven't seen it actually drop yet.

I would also venture to guess that it's because of the season pass processing that's going on..in order to "show off" the rides.

Anybody close to sources that can enlighten me on this?

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Thanks for the report Lauch, and I think I have an answer. Not really "from the sources" but something all the parks do...they're probably just doing test cycles. The state and manufacturers require that the rides be cycled so many times before they open for the season. For the next two weeks it probably won't be uncommon to see the rides going about test cycles until opening day.

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