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If you only had 5

Dan Diez

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The Beast


Son of Beast


Flight of Fear

If I were you I would ride them in the order of Son of Beast, Delirium, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, and a night ride on The Beast!

Delirium is a coaster???

He asked for the five must ride coasters. They are, in order, for me, given the park's reputation, popularity, and the ride's qualities:

1. Beast

2. Adventure Express

3. Firehawk

4. Vortex

5. Flight of Fear

Under NO circumstances would I miss Adventure Express, which I consider to be tied for second best mine ride train in the country. (First, for me, would be Road Runner Express at Six Flags Fiesta Texas...second is a tie between Adventure Express at Kings Island and Runaway Train at Six Flags Great Adventure).

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OK in ur small amount of time i would do these RIDES for the best expernce at KI


-Drop Zone-(a must!)


-Flight of Fear-


Now for just coasters



-Flight of Fear-



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I don`t know. I`d put Flight of Fear on the must ride list at Kings Island. It definitely would go on a must ride list before Adventure Express in my opinion. The thrill factor and speed of Flight of Fear makes it a much more thrilling ride then what Adventure Express is.

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It should be illegal to go to KI, and not ride The Racer.

It's been there from the begining.

Considering the parks admission is 29.99-44.99. I think that people should be entitled to whatever they want to ride, not just the oldest coasters in the park.

On another note, my top 5 are.....

1.The Beast


3.Red Racer

4.Flight of Fear

5. Fairly Odd Coaster(Seriously, it may be small, but it IS FUN)

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Rebel Yell is NOT a copy (nor is Thunder Road). This is a very common misconception. To begin with, the layouts are not the same. You couldn't put the motion theaters between the two parts of Rebel Yell as the coasters do not veer off from each other before changing direction to make the return run, as Racer does.

See Rebel Yell here:


Compare Racer:


Rebel Yell is also much slower (56mph vs. 61mph, both measured when they opened), nearly fifty feet shorter in length, not as tall, and though shorter in length is a fifteen second longer ride. Rebel Yell is almost always much, much rougher, too. Having ridden both sets of coasters far more than 99 percent of the posters here (or more), I think I should know. By the way, I rode Racer the day it opened....

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Flight of Fear (indoors and looping LIM), The Beast (longest wooden coaster in the world), The Racer (Red, Blue, or both), Flight Deck (flying coaster), and Vortex are my favorite 5 coasters at KI.

I didnt know Flight Deck was a flying coaster? I could have sworn is an Arrow Suspended.

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