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Phantom Theater

CI Shooting Star

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Thanks for bringing this back, Terp.


It's interesting that the Mighty Canadian Minebuster was based on Shooting Star--I never knew that. It's also somewhat relieving (and disappointing) to know that it's not a particularly good version of itself these days. I was extremely underwhelmed by MCM this summer.


I'm curious to know what the original Shooting Star was like. I'll have to do some looking.

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While Trabant was a fun ride to ride, there were several reasons that resulted in its removal.  The restraints were a pain to open/lock for one.  There was a good reason it was removed, but I won`t go into the details. 


The only bad thing about the ride that replaced it is that it only holds 12 people per cycle.  Trabant was almost double that.  Most days that is not a big deal at Coney, but on July 3rd or Fire Up the Night, that capacity is a killer.

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