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Top five things you'd like to bring back/change


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My top 5 things I want back are:

1. Antique Cars: This is rumored to be returning next year and I hope they do. They could put it where everyone says it should go, which is the tower gardens.

2. Train re-theme: I know a lot of people have said this already, but I totally agree on this. The train is really boring, barely any scenes, and weird songs (Cotton eye Joe? Really?) If it was like the Cedar Point train with some nice narration, this would be a much enjoyable ride.

3. X-Base overhaul: This really needs to happen. X-Base right now feels like a skipped area. Barely any rides and no shops, restaurants, and bathrooms. They need add some rides in there and heck, they could add another roller coaster in there! I just feel like it really needs to be touched.

4. Good dark ride: Kings Island needs another good dark ride. Boo Blasters is just really chezzy right now. Add it to the old Crypt building and there you go.

5. Giga coaster: No question. Needs to happen. 

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On ‎11‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 9:54 AM, SonofBaconator said:


In light of recent events I thought I'd put in my thoughts

  1. Antique Cars- One of the original gems of KI replaced with mini coopers.
  2. Train Theming- I never got to see what the train theming was like in its prime, even with the addition of the water park
  3. King Cobra- Enthusiasts might love or hate them, but a lot of the GP missed the Cobra. I've never ridden a standup but I've heard that the smaller ones are more rideable than the larger ones
  4. Backwards Racer- My first "big" roller coaster ride and it was backwards! Maybe I'm a little biased.
  5. Screamin Demon- It was cool how the park brought back The Bat. It would be cool if a new coaster was named to the since deceased Demon, especially with the presence of a Banshee and a Bat.

It would make even more sense since Demon was in that area to begin with.  The name Demon also goes with the inadvertent theme in AZ.   Invertigo would be perfect!  I am also of the (seemingly unpopular) opinion that Amazon Falls should stay right where it is.

@harmony29 - That would be the Smurf Ride you're referring to.  Not scary at all.  Although I do remember a recurring dream where Gargamel (Sp?) would jump into my boat and try to get me....  LOL!  A YouTube search should take you right back down memory lane. :)

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my top 5....


1. Fix the parking lot: trams, repaved, and relined.... (yes I know this will never happen but its a dream list)

2. Retheme the areas and unify them: basically return the park to its roots where each area had unique music, food, sounds, shows, etc.

3. improve the food quality.  Some places knock it out, but most do not sadly.  Currently its not terrible, but it could be better.  Same with customer service in these areas.

4. Mascots in other areas of the park, not just the kids area.  Its a big park.  Lets have Snoopy be seen by The Racer.  Charlie Brown blasting people on WWC

5. Add a family dark ride.  Something that is fun, a people mover, holds up well.  Doesnt have to be a return of Phantom (doubt that will happen), but something that is worth reriding.

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1) Entertainment upgrade, A new/updated stage theater, Enclose Showplace, upgrade park sound system and speakers (including rides, god knows FOF needs those babies updated those things are 20+ years old)

2) Family ride expansion with Ferris Wheel, Antique Cars, Action Theater and a proper dark ride to replace Boo Blasters

3) 50ft tower platform reopened and following ADA procedure (meaning elevator can stop at level)

4) Accommodations for employees (much like Cedar Points). This will allow for better staffing in the park especially during those early weeks.

5) With Winterfest now back, I would like to see the park open Dec 31 and bring in the New Years with its already amazing light display and Fireworks. 

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1) Expand X-Base. Perhaps a dark ride, but something needs to happen there. Personally, I always forget about that area when I'm there. 

2) Bump up the area theming. Just a tad. I've been fairly satisfied with the theming of Mystic Timbers and Banshee, but I would love to see the park take this potential and bring it to the actual theme sections, but I'd be satisfied with, for example, a vender or establishment that offers meals from certain parts of the world on International Street or in the Festhaus. (That includes beer too ;) ) They could also add visual homages to the major rides in that specific area to some of the venues and scenery. For example, in Rivertown, they could bring back The Beast-prints on the walkway leading to the ride or add decal on the side of one of the buildings that alludes to a snake, a tree, or The Beast. 

3) Phantom Theater 2.0! Okay, so this one is just a dream. But I would love to see the return of Phantom Theater. However, instead of it returning to its original spot, I'd love to see elsewhere in the park, with completely refurbished (or new) building with a bit more of a "spooky" external vibe. They could even crank up the theming to 11 for Halloween Haunt, maybe even making it scarier (just a tad) for that time of the year. (I would love to see the return of Antique Cars and Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal. Heck, bring those back and theme 'em for Haunt too :P )

4) The History of KI! I would love to see the park's history further celebrated somewhere, someway, in some form. Perhaps with more video content that's more in-depth (not just easy trivia questions) and addresses not only the history of the rides that are in the park, but the ones that are no longer with us. Even seeing the vintage commercials for the rides would be cool. 

5) Shirts! I love looking at the sideline items, but one thing I have always been disappointed by are the shirts. Don't get me wrong, they have cool designs, but the shirts themselves give off a Goodwill, hand-me-down vibe. By that I mean, the colors already look faded and maybe that's all it is, but something about the fabric just doesn't look stylish or wearable, whereas the shot-glasses, mugs, what have you, all look must haves. Man, I really want a tee from the park too. There were some really cool images on the Mystic Timbers shirts, but they looked like they were raided from my uncle's laundry. Meanwhile, a year or so ago, I spotted some tees for The Beast and The Bat in a store at Liberty Center that looked comfortable, stylish, and cool. 

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On 11/30/2017 at 8:36 PM, whengodsaysgo said:

It would make even more sense since Demon was in that area to begin with.  The name Demon also goes with the inadvertent theme in AZ.

Cedar Fair still owns the name "Demon" so it wouldn't be too far off. I'd be for a new coaster called the Demon or even Drop Tower being renames "Demon Drop"

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