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At least it's not $4 a gallon ... yet :)

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Gas Prices Hit Five Year Low:


We're saving $1 billion a day on gasoline:


Since Mr. Kinzel was so insistent that high gas prices would help the parks (and he seems to have been right), will low gas prices paradoxically hurt Cedar Fair and Six Flags (if there even is a Six Flags under current management by next summer)?

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I just came home from the corner station, and gas was lower than I've seen it in a long long time.


Hope this continues, but I'm sure it won't last.....

I just wish I had some sort of mass storage tank, so I could buy enough now, to get me through the summer.

You know it will be back up to 4.00/gallon + this summer

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Few realize it, but gasoline formulas change with the seasons. Come summer, you'd have severe drivability problems using winter gas...not to mention winter gas pollutes more! Also, gasoline has a shelf life...as the fuel got that old, you'd also likely encounter problems with your fuel injectors and with combustibility.

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In short:

...There are two very important (although not the only) specifications that need to be met for each gasoline blend. The gasoline needs to have the proper octane, and it needs to have the proper Reid vapor pressure, or RVP. While the octane of a particular grade is constant throughout the year, the RVP spec changes as cooler weather sets in.....

Winter gasoline blends are phased in as the weather gets cooler. September 15th is the date of the first increase in RVP, and in some areas the allowed RVP eventually increases to 15 psi. This has two implications for gasoline prices every fall. First, as noted, butane is a cheaper blending component than most of the other ingredients. That makes fall and winter gasoline cheaper to produce. But butane is also abundant, so that means that gasoline supplies effectively increase as the RVP requirement increases. Not only that, but this all takes place after summer driving season, when demand typically falls off....

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^^In Indianapolis they have been fluctuating...granted they're not near the $1.30 price anymore, but they still have yet to break $2.00 here. I believe the last time they were under $1.50 was just right after Christmas, and since then they've averaged $1.80.

It seems the cycle is they start low at around $1.70, quickly climb to $1.90, climb to $1.99, then go back low to $1.70...where the prices end nobody knows (so to speak), but anything under $2 is perfectly fine with me.

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