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At least it's not $4 a gallon ... yet :)

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Eight Reasons You'll Rejoice When We Hit $8 gallon gasoline:


And yes, I think he's nuts...

Actually, I agree with several points made. Especially this one:

1. RIP for the internal-combustion engine

They may contain computer chips, but the power source for today's cars is little different than that which drove the first Model T 100 years ago. That we're still harnessed to this antiquated technology is testament to Big Oil's influence in Washington and success in squelching advances in fuel efficiency and alternative energy.

Given our achievement in getting a giant mainframe's computing power into a handheld device in just a few decades, we should be able to do likewise with these dirty, little rolling power plants that served us well but are overdue for the scrap heap of history.

It is time for the internal combustion engine to die. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Why can't we harness that? Without delving into politics too much, I think it's for the reason mentioned in that quote. Think about it, what is the reason for not having a hydrogen fueled car in mass production yet? It produces water as its only waste, it's highly efficient, and it's abundant. I really think we're too clouded by politics to see what is truly best for the economy and the environment.

Anyone ever watched Futurecar on Discovery? It's inspiring.

We need to forget about oil all together. Oil isn't our concern any more, we aren't going to be able to do anything about its rising costs. We need to abandon it, and we should have abandoned it five years ago. Oil supports technological stagnancy.

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....Theme Parks

And if lower hotel prices inspire consumers to take a vacation, it might include a trip to a theme park, where prices are also falling.

Six Flags (NYSE:SIX - News) cut $10 off entry prices at the majority of their 19 parks in April, setting admission at $34.99 for its St. Louis park and $24.99 for the Texas-based Hurricane Harbor water park.

"People just aren’t going out as much," Glassman said. "People are getting squeezed, and they’re starting to push back."...

First time I've seen that in print so far....

From: http://biz.yahoo.com/cnbc/080612/25101914.html?.v=1

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I wonder when the bubble will pop....

And this morning, oil hit another high.

Could it be THIS bad?


If it is, a lot of people and companies are going to be in a lot of trouble...and amusement parks are not going to survive in any significant numbers...the industry has been through similar periods before, with not good results...see, for instance, the 1930's....

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Guest kwindshawne
Fox Radio news at 7 eastern this morning just said gasoline is expected to hit US$5 gallon soon, with no end in sight.

Remember the movie oil storm? Here it comes......

The natural gas company here is warning everyone prices will be rediculous this winter. Wonder how much frostbite we'll see at the hospital this winter.

I am ready for alternative energy. I hate being dependent on it-my sis had the right idea of going to alaska-the residents had a record payout this year.

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