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11/18 Visit


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Tonight I went to PKI with my friend Boddah. We got to the park a little after 8 PM and stayed until nearly 11:30.

Plus we met Dan....the brilliant president and financier of this esteemed site. We are truly lucky to have Dan & Dane, the Dynamic Duo of PKI fans, to bring us this super-awesome site!

The park was so crowded that we only had time for one haunted attraction, Adventure Express, and SOB. On a positive note...I saw a most gorgeous lady who sat in front of me at SOB. She was full-figured...my type!


Italian Chef


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I was at the concert, wasn't a very big crowd. Third Eye Blind was really good, they didn't get started until a little after 8 and played til about 9:30. Glad that we had to stand to see because those seats are murder! We were out there freezing our butts off and the lead singer was throwing off his coat, shoes and socks and was running around on the stage barefoot. Afterwards we walked around just to see the lines for the haunted houses, they were awful, we didn't even attempt to stand and wait since we had already done all this two weeks ago. Glad that we planned this two separate weekends to catch everything and didn't wait and try to do it all along with the concert. Noticed that decorations in the park were no different than last visit, thought maybe since it was the first weekend that they weren't completely done. Only saw a few guys walking around in makeup, and same as last time saw no "sliders".

Have a good weekend (what is left of it!!)

Miss Di

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Yeah, it wasn't too bad though. We got to met some good people that night. I had fun reguardless of the fact that we only got to do three things last night. I also got to sample some of Italian Chef's cooking -- trust me, he lives up to his name.

Anyway, I hope to be there next weekend, and almost definately on Nov 2nd. So see you guys soon!


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Yeah, I thought Steven was crazy for taking off his shoes and socks... oh well, when they got off stage they had towles waiting for the band and a towle on the ground for Steven to stand on.

They are great guys, I got to hang out with them from 3 till midnight. Great show, but I'm sure it sounded better from the front. I don't know why people are so enthused about being backstage? The show sounds funny and you can't really see anything. Oh well. I still had a blast. :D

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