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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

New Aerials of Mystery Construction

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New aerial images of the Mystery Construction are now avalable. Take a peek at what the park is doing in the areas you don't have access to, that is, areas you don't have access to on foot! These aerials showcase the ever growing construction in the Swan Lake area and some action behind The Crypt. Enjoy.

Aerials of the mystery construction!



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Nemo what kind of plane do you have?

We did own a Grumman 4 seater, single propeller engine. Dane and BoddaH1994 were all lucky to have the chance to fly up with me on its last flight, Bombay had a flight not to long ago. We now either rent planes or fly with friends of ours who own their own plane.

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Interesting to see that this footprint is amost an exact match to the overhead layout that is in the youtube video. After seeing the land cleared and the layout (if it is indeed accurate) one can start to get an idea of how this ride will shape out. Only question I have is will the drop from the lift use the ravine or is there enough room to squeeze in a second hill that will dive into it? It also seems that the ravine will more than likely be utilized on the return trip also.

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I would say you're probably right about using the ravine twice, might as well squeeze all they can get out of that area. I would guess that they wouldn't do a second drop, just to avoid redundancy (The Beast is right by it, you know).

Oh, and welcome! :)

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I also bet they will try to use the ravine twice. Like on Apollo's Chariot the ride goes through the creek area on the way out and back. Also, on Apollo's, they use the ravine for the first drop, so if we are getting a B&M hyper, I bet the first drop is going down the ravine

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