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Sunday 6-15-08


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My girlfriend Erin has been clamoring to visit the waterpark all season so down to BB we went. Arrived at around 2:30. Greeted by the deafening screeching of KI's cicada population, we entered the waterpark.

After changing and the obligatory sunscreen application it was off to Down Under Thunder. Pretty good slide. Next was the Awesome Aussie Twister and it's staircases of fallen cicadas. I was informed at the slide's top that I wouldn't be able to slide thanks to the handy dandy rivets on my trunks. Dern. Next was the Snowy River Rampage which felt somewhat slower than I remember. After a ride on the Tasmanian Typhoon, it was off to the wave pool for a while until around 6. By then our dogs were barking pretty hard so it was time for a quick biscuit.

Returning to the park, we quickly hit Delirium, Adventure Express twice, Flight of Fear and were all set to end with a fine night ride on The Beast. After the standard firework shutdown, we were next in line. Unfortunately a storm was brewing and ultimately led to The Beast being closed for the night. I did have a very nice chat with an employee on FoF (didn't catch her name though) and I'm continually impressed with the friendliness of the ride ops. Lightning aplenty, we exited the park via Nick U (which is becoming an unhappy trend for me) with security close behind.

All in all, a pretty fun day at the parks and a good primer for my trip on the 18th. (Report to follow soon. )

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